A Logical Explanation For Failures In Life

If we will carefully study and analyze the life history of men and women who have been successful in business, but who later failed, we will be surprised to find that in most instances the explanation for failure will be found in poor health which has overtaken these people more concretely, in their common foundation of disease which has finally succeeded in upsetting them.

There are many who go along very nicely for years and then everything seems to go against them. Their judgment seems to have grown poor. Sooner or later they become quite ill; frequently it is the so-called nervous breakdown, or diabetes sets in, or a goitre develops, etc. If a careful history is taken of their health, we will find quite a number of ailments which can only be explained on the basis of the unfriendly presence and constant evil influence of a common foundation of disease. We will find that most of these people are rapidly losing their hair and teeth; their general strong vitality is disappearing. This has been an annoying nuisance and has helped somewhat to distract their minds from continuing a successful course. As a result of these changes wrought by their common foundation of disease, they have become more or less energyless; they are seldom thoroughly and completely refreshed after a night’s sleep, and frequently they complain of insufficient sleep. They tire quickly and easily, or they may complain of being chronically tired. Their minds are no longer as alert as formerly. If such people are in authority, one can imagine the amount of harm and injustice they can do.

Most people who never were successful, were more or less sick throughout their lives–to a greater or lesser degree, they were constantly suffering from the disturbing influence of a common foundation of disease. Latent or evident sickness explains their inability to succeed. If not knowingly sick, they were at least on the verge of actual sickness throughout most of their lives. The individual who acquires criminal tendencies is made so in most instances by deficient health due to the presence of a common foundation of disease. Perfectly healthy people are normal people, possessing the normal amount of fairness, sympathy, decency, etc. Such people will rarely commit criminal acts.

How true the old Greek saying is : “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.” How well the onset of sickness preceding the ruination of the individual is implied in this saying ! Neither the strength of mind, nor the mental judgment is as strong in a sickly person as in a healthy one.

The same facts are often true of many women. A woman marries and becomes chronically ill. The constant ill health of the wife turns an otherwise successful household into failure.

People in authority and power begin to lose their influence when they begin to lose their excellent health. It is the old rule of the pack, the rule of the wolves : “A sick member is immediately turned upon.”

Only too many middle aged men and for that matter, many younger men become failures principally due to ill health. As a result, they lose their nerve; their fighting spirit is broken; they become cowards when it comes to fighting and competing with the rest of the world.

Most suicides can be explained principally on the basis of ill health. In most instances the greater portion of this ill health is due to the harm caused by the common foundation of disease.

How easily and simply most of these failures could be avoided; and many of these more unfortunate ones rehabilitated by the simple removal of the individual’s common foundation of disease, and replacing it by a common foundation of good health.

The constant tiresome complainings of aging and old people which enable them to avoid disagreeable tasks and situations and justify frequently rightly so their cussedness, can all be eliminated and replaced by a pain-free and ache-free body and a pleasant, quiet, affable disposition which is agreeable to all who are compelled to live with them. The frequent, sometimes even daily use of the antisepticizing treatments alone will bring about this transformation, providing the dietary rules of this system are religiously adhered to.