A Word About Appetites

Hunger is the natural desire for food. It is present when the body needs nourishment. It is not a gnawing in the stomach. When hungry the saliva will flow into the mouth at the thought of food—any food.

The gnawing in the stomach is the result of wrong eating. The best way to cure this is to make a complete change in your diet.

Appetite is the cultivated desire for certain (so-called) foods. The more it is satisfied, the greater it becomes. The more you season your foods with highly spiced condiments, the more you will want to. Highly seasoned foods destroy the taste for finer flavors and natural foods. “Teach your palate to be a food artist and not a slave to salt and grease.”

When one can get a rich, cleamy mayonnaise why spoil the food value of a delicious salad with a highly spiced mixture, with its burning cayenne and puckering acid (nicknamed vinegar) ?

The more you satisfy your craving for meat (or any certain food) the greater will that craving become. The woman with the tea habit or candy habit is no different than the drunkard!

The individual who is “always hungry” who has a dissatisfied feeling after a meal and is always ready to eat again is on the wrong road. He should stop.

Eat nothing but fruit for two or three days and then make a radical change in his diet.

Cultivate a taste for delicate flavors and the things which are good for you. Invalids do this and often wonder why they didn’t do it sooner. Often also they acquire a distaste for the strong (injurious) foods. Why wait until you are ill?

Don’t you like roast beef or lamb or steak? If you don’t—why eat them at all? If you do, why disguise the flavor with Worcestershire sauce or other highly seasoned condiments?

Why not eat the roast lamb and enjoy that?