Abdominal Diseases

The majority of abdominal diseases are due principally to deficient oxygen intake and focal infection derived from the nasal sinuses a well established common foundation of disease and are, therefore, quite amenable to relief and cure by the treatments and methods of this system. The focal infection in the presence of lowered resistance sets up congestion and inflammation of one or more abdominal organs. The lowering of the resistance is produced mainly by a common foundation of disease the deficient oxygen in-take and extensive nasal sinusitis and assisted materially by the repeated ingestion of bad food. In these diseases as in so many other diseases, the person may be entirely unaware of the presence of any sinusitis in his case (silent sinusitis).

When assisted by the evil influence of a well established common foundation of disease and some particularly harmful food, the germs which are always present in the intestinal tract, as for instance in the appendix, are ever ready to give rise to inflammation of any one of these organs and especially of the appendix. It is to be remembered and this is especially true of abdominal diseases, that the common foundation of disease particularly lowers the resistance of the vagus nerve at the same time it lowers the resistance of the person as a whole, and that in order for abdominal diseases to come into existence, the vitality of the vagus nerve must be depressed.

That these statements are facts can readily be proven to be true by the ease with which inflammations of the abdominal organs can be arrested and healed by the simple expedient of the use of the antisepticizing treatments on the nose and throat.

It is surprising to note how quickly and nicely persistent, annoying and worrisome pains and tenderness in the abdomen will slowly but surely disappear under the continued use of the antisepticizing treatments and if necessary, some of the other procedures of common foundationing, and a rigid restriction to the simple diet of this system. The abdominal complaints may be due to disease of most any of the abdominal organs, either the stomach, intestines, pancreas, liver, gall bladder, appendix, prostate, uterus, ovaries, etc.

Again it is to be remembered that most all diseases of the abdomen are dependent, in the final analysis, on interference with the proper functioning of the vagus (pneumogastric) nerve. The resistance of the abdominal organs is lowered by this interference with the vagus nerve. The person’s common foundation of disease is to be blamed for the arresting of the normal activity of the vagus nerve ; and as the principles of this system are more clearly understood and the physiology of the vagus nerve is more thoroughly grasped, and the immediate, excellent and highly successful results which common foundationing produces in these illnesses are all comprehended, then the truths of these statements are realized.

Diseases of the abdomen due to mechanical obstructions such as adhesion bands, twists of the intestines,tumors, etc., become much less life-endangering with the timely use of these methods and therapy, though these illnesses usually require surgical intervention.

If possible, most tumors must be removed surgically; the sooner they are removed, the better. Fortunately tumors make up a small percentage of all abdominal diseases.

Illustrative case: Middle aged lady who came for relief of marked deafness and head noises. This patient had been complaining for two years or more of persistent, constant and severe pains in the region of the gall bladder. A major abdominal operation was seriously considered. At the same time that hearing was restored and the head noises stopped by these methods, the abdominal pains and tenderness disappeared and these have not returned after more than three years’ interval.

Illustrative case: Man 51 years of age, had been a chronic sufferer of stomach trouble for past 25 years. At times he, would have acute attacks of stomach trouble. His complaints consisted of distressing, uncomfortable feeling in the abdomen, particularly soon after meals; he would have gas eructations and constantly annoyed by rumbling of gases which was disturbing to other people in his proximity. He had been constipated throughout all these years ; appetite was poor; frequently affected with dizziness; had been losing weight steadily, especially in the last few years until he weighed only 116 pounds. There was an ever present sick feeling of the stomach and an ever present throbbing feeling in the head. Slept poorly; had great difficulty falling asleep and frequently was taken with a numb feeling just before falling asleep. Did not breathe well through his nose; took cold frequently. Patient was thoroughly discouraged. He had been to numerous doctors and clinics without any success whatsoever, in fact, he had been growing steadily worse. He was informed that he was suffering from ulcers of the stomach and intestines. He complained of nose and throat catarrh, annoying head noises and approaching deafness. He had given up all hopes of ever getting well again.

Patient was given the antisepticizing treatments daily for two weeks and then the deflected septum was straightened and the Gluck Upper Respiratory Nasal Passage Operation was performed. Patient rapidly recovered from all symptoms from the very first antisepticizing treatment. He gained weight rapidly; all stomach and abdominal complaints and symptoms disappeared, including the constipation; throbbing sensation of the head disappeared as well as attacks of numbness. Hearing was restored and head noises were completely gone and gray pallor and extremely poor color of the face were replaced by a good, healthy pink complexion. It was interesting to note how pitiable the patient’s mental attitude was. He could scarcely get himself to believe that there was a possibility that he would stay well and free of all complaints after he had recovered under common foundationing. It took a number of weeks before he could convince himself that his cure was permanent.