Acute And Chronic Rheumatism Of The Joints, Muscles And Nerves; Gout

These diseases respond very pleasantly and rather quickly to this therapy. As a rule, acute or chronic rheumatic patients respond quite nicely to the use of the nose, throat and teeth antisepticizing treatments alone. The pain and tenderness of the various joints and muscles of the body are quickly relieved and finally completely removed by the antisepticizing treatments. Frequently the sharp and even excruciating pains of the hands and feet or any other part of the body will be greatly lessened by the first antisepticizing treatment. After a week or two of daily treatments, these pains and aches will be entirely gone. Rheumatic sufferers frequently have pus in large quantities in their maxillary sinuses; the ethmoid sinuses invariably have infection present; and for that matter, the general rule of sinusitis holds good here as well as in all other diseases, which is as follows. Fundamentally these diseases are due to the same general causes deficient oxygen intake and multiple sinus infection with very frequently secondary foci of infection existing either in the teeth, tonsils, appendix, gall bladder, or prostate, etc. It is to be remembered at all times that these secondary foci are again in turn due to the original mother focus the nasal sinuses. For the purpose of obtaining the most efficient treatment, and in order that none of the sinuses be overlooked, it is taken for granted that all the sinuses are infected, some more and some less. All puscontaining maxillary sinuses should be opened and sprayed out forcibly with the bichloride of mercury solution. The other sinuses will be taken care of by the antisepticizing treatments and the process of common foundationing. Frequently many of these patients have abscesses at the roots of some of their teeth. Not all of these abscessed teeth must be removed; many, if not most of them will be saved by common foundationing, especially those teeth which are not too badly decayed.

From the writer’s experience, he has found that other foci of infection in the body, aside from the sinuses or teeth, need not worry us since common foundationing will simultaneously take care of them.

Acute joint diseases of the inflammatory types respond nicely and quickly. If large quantities of pus or large abscesses are present in these joints, they must be opened up, freely evacuated and drained; this is done conjointly with the process of common foundationing.

Rheumatic or neuralgic pains and attacks of pain in the various muscles of the body respond quickly and nicely to the antisepticizing treatments and if necessary, to the other methods advised in common foundationing.

It is surprising to see how quickly gouty toes and swelling of the joints of the hands and feet will respond to this therapy and in short order the patients will obtain relief from pains, aches, recent or moderately old stiffness. This is true irrespective of the age of the patient.

If the stiffness is old and fixed, and involves the joints, the damage is usually beyond repair; but further damage can be prevented.