Are You Overweight?

There comes the voice of the overweight person who says: “What about me? I can’t eat those kind of meals.”

Oh yes you can. These “Two fresh vegetables and a salad” meals are just what you need.

Make your cream soups of skimmed milk and vegetable juice. Never eat a potato unless it is baked and never eat any kind of bread except whole wheat. There’s a reason for this latter advice. Starch piles up fat. Boiled potatoes and white bread are pure starch. In their natural state potatoes and wheat are mineral laden and therefore alkaline. Your blood needs this mineral content of these foods to assist in the burning of the starch. Starch which is properly burned in the body is turned first into sugar, then into its corresponding acids and gases and is then carried off by the kidneys and lungs. Starch which is not burned is turned into sugar then fat.

If you wish to reduce, eliminate the starches for a few days. When you get starch hungry eat a baked potato with your dinner. Never eat both bread and potato at the same meal.

You may have lean lamp chops or roast lamb or chicken or fish a very little at a time. You may even have milk at your breakfasts and lunches but use skimmed milk. All the minerals are in the skimmed milk—the fat-is in the cream.

Begin a systematic cutting down of the starches and increasing of mineral laden foods in your diet. “Two fresh vegetables and a salad” makes a splendid guide, plus the necessary protein. You will get this from your whole wheat and (skim) milk.

Do not use mayonnaise nor oil on your salads. Use a boiled dressing sparingly. (You can make a boiled dressing without flour.) Never use vinegar. Lemon juice instead. Eat plenty of fruit.

Go through the menus and select and change same for yourself on this plan.

Gradually eat a little less no matter how little you think you have been eating.

Remember your bread must be whole wheat. It is the starches without the mineral balance which do the damage. White bread does not nourish you but it does fatten you—eliminate it entirely.

Breakfasts and luncheons of skim-milk and fruit without sugar are the best thing in the world for you. (To this combination add no other food.) You will be sufficiently nourished and from these mineral laden foods your blood will gradually re-gain its alkaline element. As the blood becomes alkaline it will regain the power to bum the starch-sugars. Too much fat is one of the surest evidences of mineral starvation.

On the above system of diet you will not only feel better but you will gradually lose the superfluous fat.