Auric Envelope : Its Colors

OF all the colors radiating throughout the aura, red and green have the most widely varying significations according to their purity or degradation. When these forces are uncontrolled they become ” the red and green monsters within us.”

Red being the lowest material vesture of the involved spirit was visible in the skin of the first of the seven races on our planet (we are the fifth). Though evolution has paled the ruddy tint from the exterior, it remains the color of pure flesh and blood; its vibrations furnish the heat which maintains the normal temperature of life; and it is the happy sign of health when it flushes cheeks and lips.

Under the present conditions of life — the average of racial development — exposure to sun-light is believed to be the principal factor affecting the complexion of people; black, brown, olive, and copper-hued races originating in tropic zones; and Occultists do not consider the color of the skin any criterion of the mental or spiritual state of the man within. Though he were white-skinned, the aura of a very vicious man will be a brown-red, or a hot black; the extreme antithesis of the dazzlingly luminous one surrounding an Adept, which ” shines with a sun-like splendor far beyond all imagination in its glorious loveliness.”

The Adept’s Causal body is not only much larger than that of the less developed but its col-ors are differently arranged- Mr. Leadbeater says, ” These no longer move in whirling clouds, but are in great concentric shells, yet penetrated everywhere by radiations of living light always pouring forth from him as a center. The order of the colors differs according to the type to which the Adept belongs, so that there are several well marked varieties amid their glory.”

Throughout the Auric Envelope of the perfected man, playing upon its luminous mist, can be seen “millions of tiny living geometrical figures of every conceivable shape, throbbing in incessant pulsations; and in the center of it can be distinguished in glowing ethereal colors the mysterious five-pointed double star, characteristic of Adept-ship ” (Human Aura, Marques). These geometrical figures, circles, crescents, stars, spheres, and triangles, are, of course, the Tattvic vibrations, and are a part of every aura, playing through every sheath; but are not so distinct in the aura of an ordinary person, becoming more and more visible as intelligence and especially spirituality develop.

All the gamut from the basest passion of supremely gross and selfish love to the most exalted affection can be traced in red. Absolutely unselfish love expresses itself in a lovely rose-color, and when it is exceptionally brilliant and tinged with violet, it indicates spiritual love of humanity and exalted maternal affection. Pure crimson denotes less elevated love; jealousy tinges it with brown, and selfishness mingles clouds of dull grayed green which sink below, while pride degrades it with orange. All heat and passion flush the aura with outbursts of red from the brilliant scarlet of righteous indignation to the lurid flame-color which cuts acutest triangular flashes through black hate-forms. Dark, dull red is passionate and earthy when not malevolent. After outbursts of intense anger, Mr. Leadheater says, ” Terrible thought forms of hate may be seen floating like coils of heavy poisonous snakes in a man’s aura.”

The variety of green in the visible world is exactly typical of the versatile human characteristics which this color manifests. Its prevalence in the aura indicates strong personality, adaptability, and too often selfishness. But these traits may be high or low according to the shade and hue. Grayed and browned hues signify that shifting in-decision which is all things to all men; really a selfish cowardice ever seeking its own ends, haying evolved no principles beyond desiring the obvious advantage of the moment. This green abounds in the auras of those who permit others to do their thinking for them. Selfishness varies from brown-gray to bottle-green, and is, alas ! very common in the desire sheath.

Green is preeminently a material color, and “greenbacks ” are aptly tinted and named, for the financial currents of the earth are deep, bright grass green. Purely material phases of intellectuality, the brains that are absorbed in things external, cram with book-knowledge of the day, with statistics and crude facts, send forth vibrations of bright green.

Strong self-consciousness, the sense of personality, is vivid, clear green; and according to the striving for growth, the hope and aspiration felt, may shade from apple to emerald. Where soul-consciousness and individuality — as distinct from personality develop, the green changes through peacock-blue to deep, luminous sapphire. Higher mental qualities which bring distinction in the arts and are nourished from springs of intuition vibrate in this exquisite azure.

All the music of the spheres vibrates in the indigo-blue of Akâsha, in which are all colors and out of which they flow. With respect to music and other arts, Mme. Blavatsky says they are the children of either the Higher Manasic or Kâma-Manasic principle proportionately as Soul or technicality predominates. Thus there will be more red and green in the aura of the technique devotee than blue. She further says: ” Metaphysics are the domain of the Higher Manas; whereas Physics are that of Kâma-Manas, which does the thinking in Physical Science and on material things.

. . The Mathematician without spirituality, however great he may be, will not reach Metaphysics ; but the Metaphysician will master the highest conceptions of Mathematics, and will apply them, without learning the latter.”

Pure deep blue indicates devotion; pale sapphire, spiritual perception; and the light hues, as turquoise, cobalt, and robin’s egg, exalted ideals and emotions. Yet blue, too, may be degraded. If grayed or muddied, the religious devotion is mere bigotry or selfish fear. Sudden fright casts a ghastly livid-gray veil over all.

It is almost superfluous to remind the student of the lofty character of yellow, or of its beneficial effects when prevalent in the aura. It spreads the joyous contagion of its own vitality, calming and stimulating at one and the same time as effectually as the gloomy, pernicious gray of depression exhausts and disturbs. So if you would benefit your fellows, see to it first of all that you radiate health-giving colors from your aura, which, you know, you cannot do unless you encourage the thoughts that create them. Not until the Causal body is developed sufficiently to control Lower Manas and Kâma, does this beneficent and forceful current find a favorable medium through which to act. The prevalence of clear, deep yellow and good pure green in the, aura indicate a happy, generous, sympathetic, and hopeful character evolving to higher states.

Yellow manifests the highest and noblest intellectual effort, true wisdom and aspiration, freed from objective, material striving; and therefore represents the highest power and loftiest aspect of spirituality which our race is capable of grasping and understanding. The positive power of this Principle is proved by its dominance over all other colors with which it is blended. Pride vibrates as orange, but in the degree that the red is shaken out of it, is it raised to pure aspiration. Because of its penetrating power, yellow is the color most easily perceived by normal sight; and it has been visible as a veritable halo round the heads of speakers engaged in some supreme effort of enthusiasm which freed the soul to its fullest expression. In such cases the vigor of the astral vibrations rouses ” a sympathetic vibration even in the coarse and heavy matter of the physical plane.” Exalted spiritual vibrations cause a violet cloud to rise from the crown of the head in the midst of surrounding yellow of a luminous tint, and the violet sparkles through and through with golden specks.

It is in the aûra of the pineal gland that perception is located. ” This aura answers in vibrations to any impressions, but it can only be sensed, not perceived, in the living man. During the process of thought’manifesting in consciousness, a constant vibration occurs in the light of this aura, and a clairvoyant looking at the brain of a living man may almost count, see with the spiritual eye, the seven scales, the seven shades of light, passing from the dullest to the brightest. You touch your hand; before you touch it the vibration is al-ready in the aura of the pineal gland, and has its own shade of color. It is this aura which causes the wear and tear of the organ by the vibrations it sets up.

” There are seven cavities in the brain which are quite empty during life. These centers are, in Occultism, called the seven harmonies, the scale of the divine harmonies. They are filled with Akasl a, each with its own color, according to the state Of consciousness in which you are. The fourth is the pituitary body; the fifth is the third ventricle; the sixth is the pineal gland, which is hollow and empty during life; and the seventh is the whole. When Manas is united to Atma-Buddhi, or when Atma-Buddhi is centered in Manas, it acts in the three higher cavities, radiating, sending forth a halo of light, and this is visible in the case of a very holy person ” (Secret Doctrine, Vol. III, pp. 577 and 583).

The front brain has a higher grade of colors than the back brain. The countless magnetic and electric curves which radiate from the head and surround it with a play of exquisite colors correspond vividly with the ” Thousand-petalled Lotus” of the Yogi. The colors thus seen by psychic vision to emanate from different parts of the brain corroborate all that phrenology claims as to special seats of ” faculties,” or emotions and activities, and all that Occultists teach; and this state-ment holds also with regard to the whole body.

The heart is the center of spiritual consciousness as is the brain of intellectual; and all the play of light in the aura of the pineal gland is reflected in the heart’s aura, ” which vibrates and illumines the seven brains of the heart, just as does the aura round the pineal gland.” Corroboratory of these statements is that of Dr. Babbitt that ” The brain has been seen to have five great leading poles, or centers of luminous radiation, the greater of which is in the center, besides which it has minor poles in all the organs which connect with the center pole.” Clairvoyants can see explosive flashes of light from all nerve ganglia, and wanting Occult training might fail to distinguish the septenary.

Although the colors of all these auras are as constantly shifting and changing as the waters in the seething whirlpool at Niagara, the particles pulsating with inconceivable velocity, yet yellow, rose, blue, and violet if present, are always found in the upper part of the aura about the head and shoulders ; while red, from pure crimson to its hot, lurid hues, radiates midway, from shoulders to thighs; and the debased colors of debasing qualities are below. The purer the color the higher; thus most greens and deep orange are about the feet and lower limbs; but the pure green of versatility and sympathy is seen above the shoulders.

The all-penetrating, all-permeating force, binding all together, the aural light, is the manifestation of the Spirit within, which forms the ” Envelope ” or ” Egg,” and appears as a faintly luminous silver-blue-violet shadow, irradiated with the hue which gives the key to the individual. The more highly developed the person, the more distinct is this hue, the unmistakable mark of the ruling Hierarchy, and the evidence of the presence of the Special Ray connecting every individual soul with its Hierarchy.

Even a slight understanding of the nature of the influences with which men people the contiguous astral realm, influences which are constantly affecting man for good or ill, according to the nature of the thoughts and desires which he permits to dwell in his consciousness, would inevitably increase the sense of responsibility as to the purity and elevation of his habitual thoughts and aims.

Ignoble thoughts, selfish, jealous, or passionate thoughts, or the stings of deadly hatred, enter only the centers where like thoughts hold sway. So he who indulges such polluting, discordant thoughts draws added incentive to his own evil thinking, while heaping on fuel to that of his fellows. It is through the medium of astral matter that all our thoughts vibrate. They take form there instantly and change with the utmost rapidity, seeking always their affinity or pursuing the direction in which they are consciously sent. Every unselfish emotion purifies all the vibrations as pure air clears a smoky atmosphere. Loving thoughts help all the region through which they pass.

You see there are thought-forms just as there are tone- and voice-forms. Mrs. Besant puts this very strongly, and says thoughts may be angels or devils, and man is held responsible [not by a vengeful God but by Law] for their creation. And she gives this comforting thought : ” Many a mother’s loving prayers go to hover round her son as angel-forms, turning aside from him evil influences that perchance his own thoughts are attracting ” (Ancient Wisdom, pp. 77-81).

Not only does all our real and lasting happiness here depend upon the use we make of our thought-power; but exactly in the proportion that we develop and gain control of the “mind-stuff ” will be the perfection of that Heaven we all hope to attain after this earth-life. For Devachan, the heaven-plane, or world, is in substance mind-stuff, and it yields to us exactly what we have power to mould, to think into a reality; because every mental act takes immediate form there. Hence Heaven is as beautiful and perfect as we have the ability to make it.

The outflow of spiritual or psychic energy from the auras of those who through ceaseless aspiration are advancing rapidly on the Path is of marvellous potency. There is scarce a limit to be placed upon the beneficence of such characters, of the effect of their work and influence; their mere presence is felt as an inspiration, as a healing blessing. Aspiration is the exercise of the Soul, through which it grows to heights invisible. Who can doubt that the present awakening of the public conscience, the great moral wave sweeping round the world, is due to the pure vibrations emanating from the ever-increasing army of those who have come under the great Light through the wide-spread teaching of the Power of Thought to Manipulate Life’s Forces? It is the real ” Life Science,” explaining God’s purpose and his Laws.