Avoidability Of Removing Tonsils And Adenoids

It is not absolutely necessary to remove diseased tonsils and adenoids. No matter how swollen, diseased and enlarged the tonsils and adenoids may be, they can be healed completely and made small and normal by the means of this system.

By means of the antisepticizing treatments and the methods of this system, enlarged and diseased tonsils will rapidly decrease in size until they become normal and all infection from the tonsils will disappear. In the cases of the weak or elderly people who dread the risk of a surgical operation, or in the cases of puny or sickly children, it is a decided advantage to avoid the risk and inconvenience of an operation for the removal of tonsils and adenoids. Enlarged, diseased or inflamed tonsils and adenoids will be restored to normal size and perfect health by the persistent use of the nasal antisepticizing treatments. Adenoids will also be healed and decreased in size rapidly under the influence of the antisepticizing treatments. Hence, their removal is not absolutely necessary.