Bathing And Its Importance To The Body

WE ALL probably judge one another, both consciously and subconsciously, more by the condition of our skin than by anything else. A clear, clean skin is usually indicative of a healthy body and its implications of right living habits, self respect, social mindedness and a keen, alert mind.

Moreover, all of us, whether man or woman or child, are instinctively attracted to beauty. And a clear, clean skin is a beautiful skin indeed, it is the only kind of skin that is beautiful. No classic features, no silken tresses, no amount of cosmetics, no skillful tailoring can detract from or conceal a poor complexion. On the other hand, a smooth, healthy skin can make a crooked nose, an awkward figure, shabby or outmoded clothes fade into nothingness. But there is no need to dwell upon the charm of fine skin we all know well the role that physical attractiveness plays in our lives and happiness.

Aside from its social significance, from the stand point of health the skin is a most important and in many respects the most important organ of the body In the first place, it serves as a protective covering for the whole body and in the second place it performs several important vital functions, not least of which is the elimination of waste material. Without a clean, healthy skin, there can be no vigor and health, for when the skin is not functioning properly, the other organs are often affected and likewise do not function as they should. Infection may set in for that matter, a sickly skin is an ideal breeding place for many death bringing germs and it is a simple matter for them to reach the mouth and nose the mere touch of the hand on a towel, on food, or the face itself is sufficient.

On the other hand, it is true that if the internal organs are not kept clean and functioning in good order, the skin will be affected. Nevertheless, no matter how well the inside of the body is kept clean, that alone is not sufficient to maintain the skin in a healthy condition. It must be thoroughly cleansed from the outside as often as is necessary. And the first and foremost way to keep the skin clean is through the bath with plenty of water and a good soap.