Body Building According To Type

Few of us are satisfied with our appearances. There is always something to spoil the perfection that is our ideal. A beautiful face and figure may have thin, straggly hair. Lovely skin may have a way of melting into masses of fat. “Well, we can’t have everything,” is our consolation.

Then there is the woman who really is the exception. She has flawless beauty—an exquisite harmony of face and figure, hair and skin. But, aside from calling forth admiration of her physical perfection, what can she accomplish? That expression—”beautiful but dumb”—fits like a glove to a great many of the exotic creatures who received more than their share of surface charm.

When you realize that the whole body is entirely rebuilt within a year, the possibilities of body building to suit our tastes become more interesting. As food science is under-stood and applied, the changes in contour and texture of flesh may be noted month by month. This growth comes from within, ever pushing outward. To know that the life principle can be increased by eating life-giving foods, and to be able to control the extent of outward growth is to realize that each one of us is his own architect. Though the plan, type, temperament or constitution has in a measure to be followed, still there is possible a consider-able variety.

For example, a carbon type easily takes on flesh through love of starches and sweets, which soon shows in unshapely figure and physical ills. But with knowledge of food science, the innate beauty of this type with the lovely skin and harmonious temperament, may be maintained and stabilized by more calcium and nitrogen foods, balanced with fruits and vegetables. The body-building then is for endurance and more activity.

To know one’s chemical constitution and temperament with .a vision of its possible perfection is to have the power to build, mould and bring to maximum completion the personal expression of life. Then can the body be developed to a state of super-health upon which depends all life’s fulfillment and accomplishment.

We learned, in Chemicanalysis, that the human body is composed of five distinct systems, or tissue masses. Two primal energies are ever at work on all of these masses. One is the alkaline, or radiant energy. The other is the acid or centralizing energy. Radiant energy is the life-producing, health-giving energy. Centralizing energy distributes and disposes, and in excess is disease and death-producing.

Your object then, should be to control these two energies so that they work for the good of your particular type. You do this by eating for the benefit of each of the five tissue masses.

The first tissue mass is the brain, the nervous system and the bone marrow. This tissue is the most sensitive and highly organized. To build and repair organs of this mass, we must eat the finest of life-giving food materials, such as citrous fruits and olive oil. The nose is the sense organ for the brain and nervous system. It is a sensitive organ and has the power of registering various conditions. It is like a sentinel, so for that reason never allow anyone to operate on the nose, as certain fine brain connections are injured.

The second tissue mass is the bony structure and the ligaments. To build and repair this tissue mass, calcium is needed. Certified milk for children, eggs, halibut, lima beans, lentils, cheese, and especially black walnuts, when eaten with acid fruits, are foods rich in calcium and will build and repair the bony tissue. Tuberculosis of the bone has been over-come by Eliminative Feeding and by eating these foods in correct combinations. Bad teeth in children are a sign of a weak bony structure. This may be corrected by giving the children more calcium foods.

The third tissue mass is made up of the glands of internal secretion. They are the organizers of the body. By eating glandular foods, the whole body has become rejuvenated. The pituitary, thyroid, adrenals, spleen, testicles and ovaries are some of the important glands. The best glandular foods are olive oil, mixed with fruit juices. The eyes are the sense organs for this tissue mass. Bad eyesight is the direct result of the loss of glandular strength. We have a special book —”Keener Vision Without Glasses,” giving specific exercises for the correction of eye troubles, which will prove invaluable. These exercises should not be used until one has taken “The Eliminative Feeding. System,” as the eyes are very sensitive to poison in the system, and part of poor vision is due to this cause.

The fourth tissue mass is the muscular system. The tongue, esophagus, stomach and intestines are the internal muscles. The external muscles are those on our arms, legs and trunk. The tongue is the sense organ of the muscular system. Nitrogen foods, such as eggs, nuts, peas, beans, lentils, cheese and meat eaten in combination with acid fruits, will build and repair muscle tissue. An ulcer of the stomach is caused by a lack of muscular foods and a toxic intestinal condition. A seven to ten-day Eliminative Feeding will help to correct this, followed by scientific body building.

The fifth and last tissue mass is the skin and mucous membrane—the outer and the inner skin. Vegetable oils, fresh butter, vegetable salt and lemon juice are some of the foods for the fifth tissue mass. Oil and lemon juice applied externally in equal proportions is a good skin food. The nerves of feeling are the sense organs of the skin.

Every organ in your body belongs to one of these five tissue masses, and should be re-built by eating the proper combinations of the four groups of foods, outlined in the previous chapter.

In perfecting your chemical type, you fortify the five tissue masses by feeding them natural foods that give them strength. Each type has its own unique weakness. When you analyze your type, you learn to discern which tissue mass was most in need of rebuilding.

The chemical that predominates in your physical structure has wrought certain conditions. It has strengthened one tissue mass at the expense of others. To acquire balance which means health, you must give the other tissue masses the chemical elements that they lack.

The perfect remedies are the simple things provided by nature. For sick and well alike, they are given to the well to keep them well, and to the sick to make them well. The only way to restore the sick is to follow nature’s health laws.

Just imagine that you can spread all your defects out before you as though they were tangible. Examine them carefully and use your knowledge of Food Science as tools to reconstruct them. There is a period in every life when the ideal of one’s type is seen–“I would be every bit as attractive if I only had her health, or her vitality, or her personal magnetism 1″—and you remember how close you came to being vivid and radiant. For didn’t you see someone the very same type as yourself who caught yours and others’ attention and admiration?

Use the magical medicines that nature intended for your use, and your own intelligence to govern the subtle chemical changes that go on within the human organism. This is the way to build your body so that it pleases and serves you. For we are masters of changes and actions within the organism. Wizen you understand some of nature’s hidden laws and through knowledge of Food Science cooperate intelligently, then, and then only will the old law of mind over matter make your body as you and nature intended it.