Bran – Its Necessity In The Diet

There is a horde of people who are working in offices, etc., and Iiving in rooms to whom the obtaining of homemade whole wheat bread or even genuine whole wheat grains for breakfast food is an impossibility. I wonder if you realize what this means to you?

It is an absolute fact that those who start on whole wheat grain food today will discard all pills or artificial laxatives of any kind within a month. The bran of the whole grains is nature’s own laxative.

White bread and all refined food packs in the intestines. Constipation is the inevitable result. Don’t treat this mat-ter indifferently. The fact that it is a common ailment does not make it less serious. It is not only discomfort. It is disease. It is putrefaction within your body. Millions of bacteria excreting their poisons constantly for your body to absorb. And your body becomes saturated with these poisons. This is auto-intoxication (self-poisoning) which in time leads to the most serious and awful illnesses.

If the danger of such illness does not frighten you—then think of constipation as plain filth. Have you ever seen a piece of meat in a state of putrefaction—alive with bacteria? Do you like to think of that condition within your own body? You who are so dainty as to bathing and manicuring.

Pills and other artificial laxatives do not relieve constipation; they aggravate it. Take one cathartic and note the result the second day. Continue to take them and you will become helpless without them. (And there will be worse results.)

Right food Nature’s formulas contain the elements which will positively prevent constipation. If you are one of the horde mentioned above who can not get this food—then help yourself in the following way:

Bran is Nature’s laxative. The whole grains contain it in the right proportion. Failing to get those buy a package of bran and take a tablespoonful every morning. Let it be part of the day’s cleanliness. It will be easy to follow the plan contrived by a certain lady for her traveling husband.

She bought a box of very small envelopes. Into each envelope she put a tablespoonful of bran and sealed it. These she put in the box with her husband’s handkerchiefs. Every morning one of these envelopes went into his pocket. He used it in the restaurant at breakfast.

You can mix it with your cereal or just turn it into a saucer with a little milk. Take a very little at a time and don’t ‘try to chew it. Wash it down with plenty of water .or milk. Severe cases may require a tablespoonful both morning and evening until regulated.

Also the addition of prunes for breakfast will help to start the severe case right. The extreme case may need the use of an enema at night until regulated. Under no circumstance take a cathartic. It will double the fight. This treatment never fails. The very extreme case may take a month to regulate—but you will win if you persist.

Besides doing this scavanger work the bran will give to your blood the precious mineral salts it carried with it from the wheat.

Be careful, however, to get an un-processed, uncooked bran—bran just as it comes from the wheat, such as Pillsbury’s.