Buying Natural Brown Rice

In doing your marketing don’t mistake the uncoated rice for natural brown rice.

You see the bran of the rice grain cannot be re-moved so easily as that of the wheat grain. Its bran clings very tight. To remove it the rice is put through a machinery process whereby the kernels rub against each other. This friction removes the bran in tiny particles hence the term “polishings” and “polished rice.”

In addition to this to secure a more beautiful whiteness—most of the food manufacturers have been putting the rice through a second process i.e.: coating it with talcum powder. This talcum coated rice can be easily detected in washing—the talcum turns the water milky.

Uncoated rice is merely polished rice which has not been coated with talcum. So much has been said about the debasing of rice that many high-class grocers have uncoated rice on exhibition. It is some what yellow in appearance—but is nevertheless polished rice.

Natural brown rice is unpolished rice containing both the bran and the germ. Some of the leading rice dealers are now handling it done up in pound cartons, and any first class grocer can get it for you. It is a peculiar greenish buff color about as dark as oatmeal and is labeled “Natural Brown Rice.”