Cancer, A Probable Cause

Cancer, up to the present time, has been regarded as incurable, because physicians have failed to recognize its cause. An opinion has been held that the cause of cancer is local, whereas modern research seems to produce unmistakable evidence that the cause is a predisposing condition of ill health, particularly a condition of acidosis, or plain mineral and vitamine starvation.

Such a condition may be controlled and remedied by corrective diet and rational eliminative measures, which gradually restore normal alkalinity to the fluids and secretions of the body. Those base-forming or alkalizing substances which abound in all fresh salad vegetables, such as water cress, cabbage, lettuce, carrots, celery, and tomatoes, together with properly cooked vegetables, and breads made of unprocessed cereals, supply the blood with the constituents that maintain the body fluids in their proper chemical condition, thus preventing tissue change and decay.

It has been noticed that decayed trees exposed to the elements until the rains have soaked out their minerals, throw out certain fungus growths of a fibrous nature, as truly foreign to the original make-up of the tree as are tumors and cancer to the human body. Is not here a close analogy?

May we not find a possible solution of the cancer problem, in a return to the original diet provided for man? Peoples who live near to nature, subsisting on simple unprocessed foods, and exercising plentifully in the open air, are practically free from cancer, while peoples who partake largely of refined and demineralized foods are cancer ridden. The deduction is obvious.