Peanut Brittle

1st. Spread the peanuts singly over the bottom of a well buttered pan, dust with a very little salt.

2nd. Put 1 cup of granulated (cane) sugar into a smoking hot frying pan (it must be smoking hot), with no water and stir very rapidly until all melted.

Pour this over the peanuts and let stand until cool and crisp.

Divinity Fudge 2 cups granulated sugar 1/2 cup water cup honey 1 cup nuts Whites of 2 eggs 1 teaspoonful vanilla.

Put the sugar, water and honey into saucepan. Stir over fire until the sugar is melted, then boil slowly until it “hairs” or forms a hard ball in water. Have the egg whites beaten stiff and the moment the sugar mixture “hairs” remove from the fire and pour very slowly into the egg whites while some one else beats latter constantly. When all mixed continue to beat rapidly. The mixture will be-come a white froth. It is sufficiently beaten when you can feel the grain in your fingers or taste same. The success of the candy lies in the beating. It may take ten, fifteen or even twenty minutes. It is very stiff and hard to beat toward the end.

Add the vanilla at any time while beating aid the nuts when it begins to stiffen.

Turn out into well greased platter, let stand until partly cool. Then cut into squares and let stand again. It is best after some hours standing. Corn syrup or maple syrup may be substituted for honey.

Pinoche 1 cup brown sugar 1 cup milk (or thin cream) 1 teaspoonful vanilla 1 teaspoonful butter to 1/4 teaspoonful cream of tartar (just a pinch) cup pecan or walnut meats Tiny pinch salt.

Mix the milk, sugar and cream of tartar, stir over fire until sugar is melted. Boil slowly until it “hairs” when dropped from spoon (or will form soft ball in cold water). Add nuts and remove from fire. Let stand to cool about a minute. Beat until it begins to thicken. Then pour at once into well greased platter. When cool cut into squares.

Creamy Fudge

Shave two squares of chocolate. Pour over this 1/4 cup of milk. Stir constantly over fire until melted. Then add another 1/4 cup of milk and stir again until perfectly smooth. Remove from fire and add 2 cups of granulated sugar, 1 level tablespoonful of butter and 1/4 cup of corn sirup. Stir all over fire until sugar is dissolved. Then boil slowly until it will form soft ball in cold water (about to minutes).

Remove from fire, add 1 teaspoonful of vanilla and beat until creamy. Add nuts if desired.