Cases and Causes of Constipation

Most cases of constipation are due to the eating of bad foods and the harmful effects which such bad foods have on the person’s common foundation of disease. The harmful ingredients in the bad food reduce the resistance of the person, thus enabling the germs and other infection in the nasal sinuses to increase the toxin content of the person’s common foundation of disease to a considerable extent and this in turn poisons the centers of the vagus nerve due to the close proximity of the infection in the nasal sinuses to the vagus nerve centers. A free, natural movement of the bowels is due, in the final analysis, to the highest form of activity of the vagus nerve. The moment this proper activity of the vagus nerve is interfered with, constipation must follow. The evil effects of a common foundation of disease aggravate the constipating tendency of bad food and the result is more marked constipation. A vicious cycle is thus established : The more bad food, the more decided the person’s common foundation of disease becomes, and hence, the more constipation. In considering the rapidity with which sinus infection can accumulate, we must remember that we are dealing with a matter of the greatest sensitivity. This can be proven to be so by using the antisepticizing treatments and observing the immediate and later effects of the antisepticizing treatments. Bacteriologically this can also be proven in that the number of germs in the per-son’s nasal sinuses and nose will be greatly increased as a result of the evil effects of eating bad food.

As a rule, constipation the almost universal complaint is readily amenable to the principles and means of this system. Most sufferers from chronic ailments give a history of constipation to a greater or lesser degree; this is particularly true of people suffering from stomach, intestinal and rectal diseases. The writer has found that as the work of correcting the patient’s common foundation of disease progresses, and the diet is so corrected that all bad food is eliminated, which in effect means the restriction of oneself to a very limited selection of food the scientific or simple diet of this system —the patient will be relieved of the complaint of constipation. In the average case, providing only such foods as are allowed by this system are eaten, the constipation should disappear directly in proportion as the patient’s common foundation of disease is removed and replaced by a common foundation of good health. The few exceptions are those cases wherein there are serious organic diseases which cause the constipation, such as tumors and other mechanical reasons for the obstruction to the free opening of the intestines.

Most cases of constipation were supposed to be due to the so-called “functional” causes. This means that no discoverable organic causes or diseases were present to explain the constipation. As a result, no effective and permanent explanation or cure was offered. Just because no causes could be found to explain the constipation does not mean that none existed. Of course there must be logical reasons and explanations for the common type of constipation. The explanation offered here seems to fit this complaint nicely, makes it quite understandable and offers a rapid relief with permanent results. In other words, the causes of constipation are bad food and its effects on the patient’s common foundation of disease. The best explanation of this complaint will be found in this system, since satisfactory results will invariably be obtained when the principles and means of this system are properly followed. General atony or weakness, debility or depression of the normal activities of the musculature of the intestinal tract, its glands, nervous mechanism and its accessory organs are all caused by food poisoning acting on and aided by the person’s common foundation of disease, principally through the vagus nerve. All these deficiencies are corrected simultaneously by common foundationing and careful selection of food. Wonderful results are obtained by this therapy in nearly all cases of constipation.

The pleasantest aspect associated with the relief of constipation by the principles and means of common foundationing is the freedom from the almost constant use of cathartics and laxatives which these people have been forced to use.