Swimming Calls Into Play Most Muscles Of The Body

Swimming is regarded by most athletic trainers as probably the best form of exercise. Because while it is fairly violent, it is, in the long run, stimulating instead of fatiguing. It calls upon the use of more muscles than any other form of exercise, and yet to be successful the good swimmer must relax as […]

How Action Of The Muscle Resembles That Of Machine

As you stand on a beautiful afternoon such as this, with a long stick in your hand, gazing down at a golf ball, or with a baseball in your hand about to throw it towards the waiting catcher, the actions which you perform are basically those of an extremely efficient ma-chine. The efficient machine is […]

How Body Shows Remains Of Primitive Ancestors

In certain snakes of the python family it is possible to find, on the under surface of the body, two little projecting points entirely different from the rest of the scales. If one were to dissect these out in a dead specimen, he would find that they were jointed to two bones and represent the […]

Increased Muscular Power Resulting From A Suitable Diet

WE have already referred to the astonishing feats of the Congo negroes, and would like to cite here the almost unbelievable achievement of 30 oarsmen who rowed the boat of the Commissary-general of the Congo army, Captain Meulemeester, on the torrential Eau Blanche, a tributary of the Congo, for thirty-six hours, day and night, and […]

The Secret Of Body Building

The transition from one age cycle to the next is so slow and easy that we are seldom aware when we step out of youth into maturity. This is as it should be. Being mature, in the true sense of the word, should mean being perienced—mellowed and beautified men-tally, spiritually and physically by the wisdom […]

Body Building According To Type

Few of us are satisfied with our appearances. There is always something to spoil the perfection that is our ideal. A beautiful face and figure may have thin, straggly hair. Lovely skin may have a way of melting into masses of fat. “Well, we can’t have everything,” is our consolation. Then there is the woman […]

Body Building Foods For The Body

So far, we have discussed body building subjectively. Now we are going to gather up all facts and line them up into a daily regime. We are going to place foods and food combinations where they will effect the most good, and give room to health hints and habits. Be assured that this will not […]

The First Week Of Body Building

If you could sit right down and talk this thing out with us, no doubt you would mention how difficult it is to live by hard and fast rules and regulations, even though they may bring to you your heart’s desire. You owe social obligations perhaps. And though you want above all else to build […]

The Five Principles Of Body Building

The older civilization grows, the wiser it gets. Young civilization is reckless. It experiments extravagantly. And in its pursuit of new discoveries and greater accomplishments it frequently overlooks fundamental principles. You have heard of men, who, through financial genius and sheer strength of will, have amassed huge fortunes; then, when their work was over, have […]

Building Vital Power With Long Walks

In my various writings I have frequently referred, to walking as a valuable means of exercise and an aid to the acquirement of vital vigor, but have never attempted to furnish my readers with detailed information on the, subject. As a rule, if one walks a great deal, a proper position of the body will […]