Progress Is Being Made In Treatment Of Cancer

By the injection of a substance named “prolan,” it has been found possible to reduce the growth of cancer in mice. This report is made by three German investigators, H. Zondek, B. Zondek and W. Hartoch. It is not claimed that the cancer is made to disappear entirely, but the limitation of growth which occurs […]

Why Public Should Know Facts Concerning Cancer

In ancient medical literature few references to cancer can be found. There are two possible reasons for this—one is that cancer is a disease of the later ages of life, and in the old days of plagues and wars so few people lived to ripe ages that the disease was comparatively rare. Another reason may […]

How Cancer Develops And How It May Be Cured

Medical men are frequently asked: “When are you going to find something out about cancer?” The inference being that we know nothing whatever about it. What is meant by such a question—the germ of truth that it contains—is that we are not certain of the cause of cancer, and we have no certain means of […]

Skin Cancer – Keratoses

SPOTS ON OLDER FOLKS SKIN MAY PROVE TO BE CANCEROUS EVERYONE must have noticed the occurrence of plaques of roughness upon the skin of middle-aged and elderly people, especially those of a light or sandy complexion. These spots are known as “keratoses.” Their importance is due to the fact that some of them are actually […]

Tumors – Cancer

As a result of the wonderful, successful response to treatment which was obtained in most ailments, sicknesses and diseases by these methods and therapy, the writer has grown more and more enthusiastic daily and has not hesitated to use these methods and therapy even in cases of all types and kinds of malignant tumors and […]

Cancer, A Probable Cause

Cancer, up to the present time, has been regarded as incurable, because physicians have failed to recognize its cause. An opinion has been held that the cause of cancer is local, whereas modern research seems to produce unmistakable evidence that the cause is a predisposing condition of ill health, particularly a condition of acidosis, or […]

Cancer Inducing Stimuli – Radiant Energy And Cancer

Among the cancer inducing stimuli of our environment is the very energy source upon which life itself depends, the light of the sun. The ultraviolet radiation story begins with the clinical observation of Paul Unna of Germany, who in 1894 related exposure to sunlight with chronic skin changes and skin cancer. In 1928, G. M. […]

Carcinogens In Our Atmospheric Environment

Our lungs are one of our main contacts with the outside world. We breathe about 20 times every minute, inhaling and exhaling a pint of air with each breath. When the air we breathe contains impurities, the lungs ordinarily have ways of getting rid of them. This is done by coughing, or by more complicated […]

Weapons Against Cancer

In the preceding 5 chapters we have discussed the broad ex-tent of the cancer problem, and what we can do now for cancer as it appears as a clinical problem. Even now, approximately one-third of all patients with cancer are being saved, and this proportion could be raised perhaps to one-half by the full application […]

Environmental Hazards That May Cause Cancer

In 1775, a prominent English surgeon, Percivall Pott, broke a leg and spent his time of recovery writing a book on his observations. He devoted a few pages to the subject of cancer of the scrotum in chimney sweeps, which he attributed to long exposure and intimate contact with soot. This was the first clear […]