Food For The Sick – Tamarind Water

Take for Fever Patients-To Allay Great Thirst in Hot Weather, and for Dyspeptics.— Take nice Tamarinds (kept by druggists in large cities, and sometimes, also, by grocers), 1 qt. -3 lbs will about equal 1 qt.—place them in an earthen jar and pour upon them 3 qts. of boiling, soft water; cover, and let stand […]

Food For The Sick – Eggnog

—Beat the yolk of 1 egg with 1 table spoonful of pulverized sugar to the consistency of cream; grate in a little nutmeg; add 1 large table-spoonful of brandy and 2 of Madeira wine. Beat the white of the egg to a stiff froth, and mix in with 1 cup of nice sweet milk. Remarks.—This […]

Food For The Sick – Milk Punch

Milk Punch, with Eggs, for Weak Patients.—If the patient is very weak, it is more strengthening to beat a fresh egg (in fact, none but freshly laid eggs should be used with the sick) thoroughly, and stir into the above punch before the spirit is added. Remarks.—The white of a fresh egg beaten with 1 […]

Food For The Sick – Herbal Teas

For the Sick Room.-Dried sage leaves, or any of the mints, or balm leaves, 1/2 oz.; boiling water, pt.; steep and strain, or pour off, when cool enough to drink. A little sugar may be used with any of them when desired. 46. Sage Tea, Made as above, with % tea spoonful of pulverized alum […]

Puddings, Toast, Pap, Jellies, Steaks, Chops, Etc.,for The Sick.

Rice Pudding —Baked —Rice % lb.; water, 1 pt.; milk, 1 qt.; sugar 1 cup; 3 eggs; salt, 1 tea-spoonful; lemons, nutmegs or vanilla to flavor.Directions -Wash the rice and boil in the water 30 minutes; then add the milk and boil 30 minutes longer; beat the eggs, sugar and salt together, and stir into […]

Beef Tea, Essences Of Beef, Articles Of Diet, Drinks, Etc., For The Sick.

Take lean beef, 1/2 lb.; cold water, 1/2 cup; a little salt, pepper, mace, or nutmeg. DIRECTIONS—Cut the beef into small bits—1/4 or1/2 inch squares—and see that no particle of fat adheres to it; put into a bottle with the water and cork, placing the bottle in a pan of cold water upon a stove, […]

Food For The Sick

—Its Location —A Good Nurse —Fresh Air —Light —Warmth —Cleanliness— Quiet —Food, Drink and Delicacies, and the Faithful Administration of Medicines, are of the utmost importance, and will each receive consideration. But, in accordance with the design of this work, the essentials only will be pointed out, the minor details, or little things, must be […]

When To Eat

Before you read this section, pause for a moment to think over the eating habits of your family or friends and their opinion on the subject of when to eat. You’ll probably remember such phrases as these: Eat when you’re hungry, that’s my motto: Three meals a day for me; One good meal at night, […]

Philosophy Of Eating

A REPAST that delights the eye and whose delectable aroma and flavor tantalizes the palate and calls for more, a repast sewed with quiet smoothness amid pleasant surroundings and congenial companions is one of the oldest and most universal pleasures of civilization. All of us enjoy good food when we get it. Some of us […]


In the course of our discussion on food, we have pointed out the necessity of eating a certain amount of each element. It is only in this way that you can achieve a “balanced diet”, that is, a diet that meets all the requirements of the body. A balanced diet is one that (a) furnishes […]