Special And Systematic Exercises

For those of us who are not fortunate enough to get our exercise out-of-doors in the form of play, there are many sets of exercises designed to call every muscle into activity which can be performed in the home, without the aid of apparatus. Such exercises have an advantage over games and sports which make […]

The Skin And Its Function

The significance of soap and water and a clean skin for a long life and a healthy one, can only be appreciated if the structure and the functions of the skin are understood. Strangely enough and it is to be regretted in spite of the importance of the skin our knowledge of dermatology is far […]

Bathing And Its Importance To The Body

WE ALL probably judge one another, both consciously and subconsciously, more by the condition of our skin than by anything else. A clear, clean skin is usually indicative of a healthy body and its implications of right living habits, self respect, social mindedness and a keen, alert mind. Moreover, all of us, whether man or […]

Combination Lung And Muscle Exercises

The exercises which we have just described are designed for the purpose of exercising the lungs only, although to be sure some of them also exercise external or skeletal muscles other than those of the chest and diaphragm which are exercised in any type of lung exercise. In addition to these, there are many exercises […]

Outdoor Exercises And Sports

The ideal way to get one’s exercise is, of course, out of doors in the sunshine and fresh air. And the ideal exercises are those which assume the form of play rather than the form of routine exercises similar to those done in the home. The games or sports have, in addition to their effect […]

What To Do In Accidents – First Aid

In accident prompt “first aid” for a slight injury may often prevent a serious one, or save life. First aid is not intended to take the place of a physician’s services. Whenever there is a serious injury, a doctor should always be summoned. There are times when a few minutes’ delay may mean the loss […]

How To Use The J. B. L. Cascade

Sometimes the infrequent detractor of the practice of Internal Bathing through the use of the J. B. L. Cascade contents himself with uttering the generality, “Oh, it’s so complicated to use.” The J. B. L. Cascade is very simple to use as simple in its operation as it is effective in its results. However, one […]

Colonic Irrigation

Before examining the various forms of colonic irrigation or internal bathing, let us review the requirements of the apparatus and the method of its application. First of all it must be simple and easy to use. The reasons are obvious. A complicated contraption requires concentrated attention, for a slip-up in its handling would be disastrous. […]

Chemically Acting Cathartics

Of all the remedies for intestinal ailments having a chemical action, we all would perhaps recall first, that old family standby, castor oil, and we would recall it with a shudder. Children of this generation certainly don’t know how fortunate they are! Castor oil is absorbed principally by the small intestines and therefore its action […]

Treatment Of Constipation

IF we were able to lead the ideal life which Nature planned for us, a life free from anxiety and so ordered that we regularly got plenty of sleep, exercise, fresh air, relaxation and a well-balanced diet, beyond a doubt constipation would be a rare affliction. But, as we have repeatedly said, we are human […]