Coffee, Tea, Cocoa And Alcohol

Probably all your life you have been lectured on the evils of these beverages and unless you have personally experienced the harm they may have wrought, you have dismissed the subject with a shrug and kept on drinking your coffee, tea or whatever be your favorite beverage. Leaving aside the question of their effects on […]

Animal Or Vegetable?

Human nature isn’t happy without fads. Fads are after all nothing but glorified hobbies and everybody now and then likes to ride a hobby. In the beginning of the century it was the fad for women to be plump; during and immediately after the war, thin and without any suggestion of anatomy; now anatomy is […]


THERAPEUTICS is the science which treats of remedial agents, first and foremost among which, from time immemorial, have been drugs. We have extended the definition to include surgery, electricity, orthopedics, and mechanotherapy. The correction of refractive errors by means of lenses may very properly be classed as orthopedics. In all of these well-recognized divisions of […]


THE acceptance of the phenomena of hypnotism as facts forces upon us the attempt to answer the question, ” What is hypnotism? ” Mesmer’s theory (1766) of animal magnetism, a fluid which was transferred from the operator to the subject, seems to have been held in more or less modified form by Esdaile and Eliotson. […]


THE hypnotic state varies in intensity in different individuals, or in the same individual at different times, from a slight drowsiness to almost complete coma. Many attempts have been made to classify these stages by the phenomena exhibited, but it should be understood that these are but arbitrary divisions. Drowsiness, being almost wholly a subjective […]

Hypnotism — Historical

It is a contraction of the term neuro hypnotism (nerve sleep), coined by Dr. James Braid, of Manchester, Eng., 1843, to cover certain psychic phenomena, which under varied forms and names are as old as civilization. The well-known power of the snake to ” charm ” the bird while he approaches his prey, would suggest […]


It is said there is no accounting for genius. The authorship of Shakespeare’s plays has been discussed at great length, and while (to use the words of Sir Roger de Coverley) a great deal might be said on both sides,” the principal argument against the Shakespeare claim is that his education, ” knowing little Latin […]

Development of Habits

PREYER has said that instincts are observable in the human animal only in infancy. This may not be strictly true, yet the preponderance of the instinctive in early life has for us some very important lessons. The other fact of immense practical value is the transiency of these instincts. Take, for example, the sucking instinct. […]

Psychic Element In The Practise Of Medicine

PERHAPS the most potent means of giving healthful suggestion is the personality of the physician himself. How often one hears a patient remark of his beloved physician : ” It does me good to see him come in.” Learning and medical skill are certainly desirable qualities, but unless optimism and geniality are part of his […]

Preparing For The Future

A SHORT TIME ago a friend, who had been studying some Truth literature, gave voice to an objection that I have heard not once, but many times. It was somewhat as follows: When I was a young man I joined the church, and I have been fairly regular in my attendance ever since. I was […]