Food And The Acid-Alkali Balance Of The Body

IN ADDITION to their caloric, vitamin and mineral value which we have just discussed, foods exert an acid, alkaline or neutral effect in the body. But before we consider this aspect of nutrition, we should pause to explain what acid and alkaline signify with reference to the tissues of the body. Probably no phase of […]

Vitamins And Their Importance In Health

LET us go back in imagination to the year 1250, when the Seventh Crusade under that noble king, Saint Louis, was invading the Near East. A happy, hopeful band it had left France a short time before, each member sure that he would win his heart’s desire,whether it was wealth, fame, love or oblivion. Most […]


In addition to the elements derived from the proteins, carbohydrates and fats, the body is composed of mineral elements. The bones, for example, are made up of calcium and phosphorus. The brain, too, has a large amount of phosphorus. The blood contains iron and copper and the thyroid gland, iodine. All the tissues contain common […]

About The Use Of Vitamins In Your Diet

VITAMIN A, EFFECT OF LOSS IN DIET DURING EXPERIMENTS Vitamin A can be used to demonstrate how it has been proved that such things as vitamins exist, how their chemical nature is tested, how their presence or absence in particular food products is determined, and why it is believed that their omission from the diet […]

Mineral Oil Is Best Drug For Chronic Constipation

To summarize the ideas about the treatment of constipation which have been discussed with so much detail this time, as possibly to be confusing, I would say, first, that probably in less than one-third of the patients who feel they need treatment for constipation is active treatment really needed. If left alone and encouraged to […]

Vitamines And Calories

In the past, it has been customary to express the value of a diet largely in terms of heat units, or calories, since it was supposed that the value of foods depended largely, if not entirely, upon the amount of heat produced from the consumption of their so-called nutritive constituents — protein, carbohydrate, fat, etc. […]

Vitamins – Water Soluble B

This anti-neuritic dietary essential (the best prophylactic in the prevention and cure of polyneuritis) is found in abundance in all natural, unprocessed foods. Whole grain cereals, particularly the embryo and coverings of grain, and of the leguminous seeds, such as dried peas, beans, and lentils, contain it in large amounts. The leafy vegetables — cabbage, […]

Vitamins – Fat Soluble A

The best sources of this growth-promoting dietary essential, fat-soluble A, are whole milk, cream, butter fat, egg yolk fat, and some products of the plant kingdom, as the leaves of plants and certain roots. Such foods as bolted (white) flour, degerminated corn meal, polished rice, starch, glucose, and the sugars from milk, cane, and beet, […]

Vitamins – Water-soluble C

The information obtained from observations of human experience with inadequate war diet during the recent world conflict, together with extensive laboratory research, has clearly brought to view the existence of a third dietary essential, the “antiscorbutic,” meaning that which counteracts scurvy. It has served to emphasize the fact that scurvy in the guinea pig, that […]

Vital Elements In Foods

IN recent years, numerous experiments have been conducted in an effort to ascertain the exact nature of the faults in diet which lead to such diseases as beriberi, scurvy, pellagra, etc., declared by some investigators to be due to a lack of specific chemical substances in the diet. The relation between disease and faulty diet […]