Child Care – How Intestinal Upsets In Infants Are Treated

Babies can stand nearly anything except infection. If they are not dressed up in too many clothes, it is surprising how well they stand hot weather.

Their danger in hot weather comes from the possibility of implantation of germs in their intestinal canals. The germs enter with the food, especially milk.

The most severe manifestation of such infection is the prostrating dysentery or infantile summer diarrhea. In its worst form, it is accompanied by fever, vomiting and colicky pains in the bowels. These conditions are always caused by infection from milk.

But there are many milder intestinal upsets that the baby is liable to, and no set rule can be made as to just what the normal standard of function here should be. There is no rule as to how many stools a baby should have a day. Babies nursing their mothers usually have more numerous and softer stools than those on formula. Some babies have only one or two stools a day. Others in equally good health have six or seven.