Chiropractic in General Ills

Following are a few of the many documented cases and research studies of chiropractic results in dealing with general ills of the body:

Arthritis: Mrs. A. S. of Glendale, New York, had arthritis and accompanying serious bone deformities in her feet, wrists, and hands. For about 15 years, she underwent various medical treatments, including medications, vaccines, heat treatments, and removal of the tonsils with an electric needle. “The only change in my condition was for the worse,” the patient wrote. Chiropractic was then suggested to her, and after two years of adjustments, she wrote that she was once again “able to enjoy life, free from the discomforts of arthritic pain and in greatly improved general health.”

Arthritis: Mrs. J. W. P. of Ft. Valley, Georgia, wrote: “For fourteen months I suffered with arthritis and was treated by a number of medical doctors in different hospitals. At one time I lay on a board for four weeks, had my tonsils removed, was given all kinds of intravenous and muscular shots, and took enough medicine to fill a drug store. All of this gave absolutely no relief and I determined to try chiropractic as a last resort.” After two months of adjustments, she was “practically well.”

Arthritis (rheumatoid): J. T. S. of Brooklyn, New York, was unable to raise his arms and could not even reach his face. He wrote: “I had no appetite—food nauseated me. My neck was stiff, my left knee swollen. My back was stiff and I could not bend to put my shoes on. My arms, legs, ankles, and hands pained, and I had no strength left in my hands at all—I couldn’t even tie a string.” He went to various medical doctors and to a hospital without benefit; after a week of hospital examination, he was told that nothing could be done for him. At this point a friend recommended a chiropractor. He wrote after a little less than four months of adjustments: “Today, while not completely cured, I can get around by myself without help and little or no pain.”

Common Cold: A. R. of Bellmore, Long Island, suffered “continuously” from colds for at least seven years. Medical doctors prescribed the “usual medicines and nose drops.” A tonsillectomy was advised. Not wanting the operation, the patient went to a chiropractor. She received adjustment for “about three months, at an average of two to three adjustments a week.” Her tonsils became healthy and her colds cleared up; after five years, she reported “splendid health.”

Eczema (chronic): J. K. of Coronado suffered from severe eczema for more than 10 years. She tried every-thing she could think of for it—”medicaldoctors, skin specialists, and every kind of doctor anyone suggested.” Nothing helped. Her appearance was so bad that she lost one position after another and finally had to stop working altogether. She itched constantly. Then chiropractic was suggested; she went to a chiropractor, and after a few months wrote: “Besides my skin clearing up, my general health has improved.”

Hypertension: N. K. of New York City suffered for over 10 years with blood pressure ratings varying from 230 to 240. He was under the care of a prominent medical heart specialist for the last two years, but there was no improvement. The specialist said the condition was caused by lesions in the heart and aorta. After one month of chiropractic adjustments, the blood pressure had dropped to 200; at the end of three months, it was 170. After eight months, the patient was discharged with blood pressure maintained between 160 and 170.