Chronic Cold

All chronic colds are really cases of chronic nasal sinusitis. Usually many of the different sinuses of the individual are chronically inflamed, and have probably been so for a long time. In most, if not all of these patients, all the nasal sinuses are more or less infected, some quite extensively, and again others only to an almost imperceptible degree. Some of these patients may have polyps present in their noses.

The chronic cold is dangerous in that it makes possible and invariably leads on to other diseases of the nose, throat, ears, lungs or most any other part of the body, and for this reason must be gotten rid of. This is accomplished by the means explained herein by turning the patient’s common foundation of disease into a common foundation of good health. Most any disease, with few exceptions, may owe its origin to the same causes as the chronic cold. The chronic cold always means that chronic sinusitis is present. The chronic cold is often complained of without the person realizing that he has chronic sinusitis. Most people suffering from chronic colds do not know that they have nasal sinusitis.

Chronic catarrh is the commonest symptom and complaint of the chronic cold; in fact, chronic catarrh is synonymous with chronic cold and chronic nasal sinusitis. The person suffering with chronic catarrh is continually hawking and spitting and has constant drop-ping of catarrh or mucus into the back of the throat. The expression, chronic catarrh, is a poor one, since it does not inform the sufferer that he is suffering from chronic sinusitis which is the true state of affairs, and an intelligent conception of the situation.