Chronic Heart Diseases

People suffering with disease of the heart muscle it-self or disease of the blood vessels or nerves of the heart which occur mostly in middle aged or older people, are very nicely helped by these methods. The cause of these troubles is undoubtedly due to focal infection,and nothing will as quickly relieve this as common foundationing. The pains around the heart, so common in these cases and known as anginal pains, will be greatly modified, and in time entirely relieved ; in every way the heart and thereby the patient will be helped and made much happier.

A large percentage of people, especially busy, prominent men die suddenly from heart disease. Such calamities are easily preventable by common foundationing. Again we wish to remark that most cases of sudden death have had numerous warnings of this approaching calamity. Many of these warnings take the form of acute attacks of indigestion. Undoubtedly there is some truth in this. Indigestion can only give rise to sudden attacks of heart trouble where disease of the heart already existed. However, to consider these sudden attacks acute indigestion is a mistake. They are cases of acute heart disease on top of an old diseased heart, brought on by a fresh cold (fresh reinfection) and the eating of ‘ bad food, the so-called element of indigestion. Indigestion can only be caused by bad or decomposed food. This system maintains that the eating of bad food is the indirect cause of much of our illnesses.

If at the faintest warning common foundationing had been used in these cases and the dietary rules care-fully followed, these sudden, premature deaths would never have occurred, and when these methods will be used, then such sad happenings will be exceedingly rare.