Colognes & Perfumes

Exceedingly Fine Cologne — Oils of bergamot and lemon, (oil of lemon-grass would be nicer), each 2 drs.; orange, 1 dr.; rosemary 1/2 dr.; neroli, 3/4 dr.: essence ambergris and musk, each 4 drops; coiogne alcohol, 1 pt, Shaken occasionally.

Remarks.-Cologne alcohol has been purified to remove all of the flavor of the corn spirits, and should always be used for all purposes where a fine perfume is desired, the difference in expense should be very trifling only. I could give more colognes, but if the oil of lemon-grass is used in this there can be none nicer. I will give a cheaper one which will be quite fine in flavor.

2. Cheap Cologne — Cologne alcohol, 1 pt.; oils of English lavender and bergamot, each 1% drs. ; oil of rosemary, 1/2 dr. ; oil of cinnamon, 2 drops; essence of lemon, 1% drs.; mix.

1. PERFUME BAGS (To be put in among clothing; also a preventive against moths.) — Cloves, nutmegs, mace, carraway seeds, cinnamon, and Tanguine leaves, each 1/2 oz.; Florentine orris root, 3 ozs. Directions– ground all to a fine powder, nicely mixed, and put up in small bags to place among clothing. It gives them a fine perfume which the moths protest against, and hence the clothing is saved from their destruction.