Common Foundationing In Maternity Cases And The Lowering Of The Mortality Thereby;

The antisepticizing treatments and possibly some of the other minor surgical means are equally valuable in obstetrical (maternity) cases. The writer is positive that the mortality rate will be greatly lessened when the antisepticizing treatments will be properly used in all maternity cases. It can be easily appreciated that the proper use of the antisepticizing treatments will control the decay of the teeth which is so frequent in these cases. The numerous other complaints such as nausea, dizziness, constipation, various bodily pains, uncomfortable body feelings, nervousness, worrisome mental states are quickly controlled by the proper use of the antisepticizing treatments and the simple diet. The writer has found from experience that these people react very favorably to the use of the antisepticizing treatments and, if necessary, some of the minor surgical procedures. Wherever necessary, it is best that all surgical steps be taken preceding the conception. How-ever, where this has been neglected, we need not hesitate to use them at any time throughout the entire period of pregnancy. There is no danger of inducing an abortion by these means ; on the contrary, they should strengthen the processes of pregnancy.

Undoubtedly these means should be valuable in all forms of lowered resistance of all maternity cases.

They should be used in cases of eclampsia or convulsions, and in all the other abnormal states and serious diseases which so frequently complicate maternity cases.

With the aid of the simpler means of common foundationing and if necessary, even the major means, the mortality rate and even the morbidity rate (sickness rate) will be greatly lessened.