Curability Of Nasal Polyps

Ordinarily, it is the generally accepted opinion that a nose infested with numerous polyps is quite impossible of definite, permanent relief and cure. Such opinions are incorrect. By means of these methods, permanency of relief and cure of the polyps is obtainable ; it does entail much patience and work, but nevertheless, we will find to our delight that the results will be highly gratifying when this work is properly executed, that is, when the patient’s common foundation of disease has been turned into a common foundation of good health.

Nasal polyps disappear under the persistent use of the antisepticizing treatments ; thereby they are destroyed and can be seen to shrivel up and come away rapidly. In March 1918 the writer published an article in “The Laryngoscope,” on the possibilities of permanent relief of nasal polyps, entitled “Nasal and Aural Polypi. Their Permanent Cure.” Since the publication of this article, quite a large number of people suffering from nasal polyps were given permanent relief by these means and methods. The careful, persistent use of the antisepticizing treatments and in most cases all the steps demanded of complete common foundationing, are required to produce a complete and permanent cure.

Needless to say, considering lent results and valuable aid obtained by the antispecizing treatments in all acute inflammatory diseases of the nose, throat and lungs, they s conjointly with the use of the all cases of diphtheria. The physician and all concerned will be pleasantly surprised to see how quickly the patient will get well when the antisepticizing treatments are energetically used; much less antitoxin will be necessary. There will be much less plications (morbidity) due to di rate will be decidedly lowered.

The antisepticizing treatments to breathe much more easily a dyspnea, shortness of breath will relieved where present. The patient will be enabled to sleep.

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The hay fever is nicely and quickly put under control, relieved and finally cured by these means and methods. Every hay fever patient has a common foundation of disease. In order to permanently cure the patient, this must be corrected and turned into a common foundation of good health.

In most cases the first few antisepticizing treatments will quickly put the annoying and distressing sneezing and other complaints of the hay fever patient under control. These treatments must be persisted in; the patient must not miss treatments, which should be ad-ministered either daily or every other day. The process of common foundationing the patient should be continued until completed.

Most hay fever sufferers are afflicted with nasal polyps or at least, have much polypoid degeneration of the nasal tissues. These conditions are quickly removed by the process of common foundationing, but principally by the persistent use of the antisepticizing treatments.

As under all other circumstances, and in all diseases and illnesses, the diet is of extreme importance; it is of particular importance in hay fever and asthmatic sufferers. The simple dietary rules. of this system must be carefully followed at all times.