Dangers Of Weight Reduction

1. Prevention of ptosis (falling of the abdominal organs).

These organs are supported by the abdominal fat and if this is lost suddenly there is a tendency for the stomach, intestines and kidneys to pro-lapse (fall) thus placing strain on the ligaments and producing a fatigued condition. Kinks and spasms may result. The stomach may so drop as to interfere with its proper emptying, resulting in food retention with consequent fermentation. In weight reducing attention should be given to the training of the abdominal muscles or the wearing of a proper abdominal support for a minimum length of time, until muscles regain their tone.

2. Prevention of flabby skin and wrinkles.

This is prevented by slow reduction. Patients are prone to demand quick reduction and doctors are often as anxious to reduce the patient twenty pounds in ten days as they are to get a mother out of bed on the tenth day. Both may result disastrously. Skin contraction must keep pace with the shrinkage of fatty tissue.

Facial Aging

3. Prevention of facial aging and production of younger appearance. This can be produced by careful attention to proper elimination during treatment. The correction of intestinal toxaemia and liver sluggishness will rejuvenate while reducing weight. Ignoring these conditions will make the patient look older rather than younger. A maintenance diet rich in the essential vitamins and mineral salts together with adequate amounts of water will help immensely in this direction.

Muscular development must go along with tissue shrinkage, otherwise physical weakness, poor bodily resistance to disease and a tendency to regain weight easily and rapidly will result.