Diabetes Mellitus

The experience the writer has had with this therapy in diabetic patients has been highly encouraging. This therapy undoubtedly will be found to be a great help to the physician in prolonging the life of these patients, and aid materially in making and maintaining their urine sugar-free. The general constitutional complaints of weakness, loss of vitality„ sleeping poorly, etc., quickly disappear under the careful, judicious use of the antisepticizing treatments and proper dieting. The various, obscure pains and aches complained of by these patients so frequently, disappear quickly under the use of the nasal antisepticizing treatments. Diabetic patients do not stand operations well. All infections find easy victims in diabetic patients. Focal infection is very prone to have its way in these patients unless controlled and eliminated by the antisepticizing treatments ; these treatments must be assisted constantly by the most careful selection of the proper diet of pure, fresh food.

Many operations on these patients can and will be avoided by the use of these treatments and methods.

Illustrative case: A middle aged diabetic woman, with an acutely inflamed middle ear (abscess of the middle ear) and a fairly well advanced inflammation of the mastoid bone which was quite swollen, red, painful and tender. With the administration of a few nasal antisepticizing treatments, the middle ear abscess and mastoid bone inflammation and swelling with all pains and aches quickly disappeared, and much improvement in the general condition of the patient was evident. The hearing returned rapidly.

It must be remembered and the patient must be informed that the antisepticizing treatments produce a rather profuse and persistent nasal discharge in diabetic patients, more so than in most other diseases. The strength of the solution must therefore be started quite weak and a gradual increase of strength allowed from day to day. It is advisable to start with a 1-6000 solution and work up very gradually to a 1-2000 solution. After a dozen or so treatments, the profuse nasal discharge will diminish and finally return to the proportions of the average case. Again the important influence that the vagus nerve exerts can be particularly appreciated in diabetics.