Dietetic Diseases

It is said that repetition drives home a fact to be remembered. Here it is: all disease, not contagious, or inherited, is caused by not eating the right foods for repair to the body structure.

Commonly, our food consumption is determined by our sense of taste. However most of us will never believe that our tongues will lie to our stomachs more often than they will to our neighbors. Even when it is a pain in the belly, most people keep on shoveling their tongue’s desire down the hatch and letting their inside scream. Of course, these same people take things to ease the pain, but they never stop to consider that they could keep out of trouble by eating proper foods. When some type of sickness, or disease, strikes hard, they will watch what they eat, but not for long if it interferes with the tongue’s pleasure. Even when sick in bed, some kind neighbor will try to hasten your demise with a nice pie, or a lovely cake, or some gooey, tasty concoction. That neighbor means to do the right thing, but do they ?