Diseases Of The Kidneys And Bladder

Diseases of the kidneys and bladder and other genitourinary diseases are helped to a remarkable degree by this therapy ; relief or cures which otherwise are impossible are thereby brought about. Remarkable results and great encouragement are obtained when treating the diseases of the kidneys and bladder and other parts of the genitourinary tract by the energetic use of the antisepticizing treatments and other means of this system.

The handling of dangerous and risky cases of prostatitis in elderly men is made much safer. As a rule, these cases of prostatitis will be put under control and operations avoided by the conscientious application of these methods. The formation of stones (calculi) or concretions in the genitourinary tract will be prevented by common foundationing. The relief and cure of stones will be greatly facilitated and made much less painful by these means. Bleeding and other hemorrhages due to these causes or most all other causes are controlled quickly and made much less profuse by these methods.

Kidney diseases, with the exception of tumors of the kidneys, are materially helped. The cause of kidney diseases is infection coming from various parts of the body and in attempting to pass through the kidneys, infection of these organs results. The primary source of infection which makes all other sources of infection possible with the exception of accidents, comes from the patient’s common foundation of disease. Accidental sources of infection are due to accidents or injuries such as stab wounds or injections of dirty solutions. Often large accumulations of pus result in that particular part of the body where the injury occurred. Such accumulations of large quantities of pus give rise to infection of the blood stream with germs which are carried to the kidneys and cause abscesses in the kidneys.

The albumen, blood and other abnormal excretions to be found in the urine which are thrown off by kidneys suffering with kidney diseases, Bright’s disease or nephritis, disappear in direct proportions to the correction of the person’s common foundation of disease and the healing of both the body and the kidneys by the process and principles of common foundationing. Cases of kidney disease due to poison swallowed accidentally or deliberately will be given a far better chance for recovery by the energetic and conscientious use of these methods, in addition to whatever other methods may be employed.