Dizziness – (vertigo)

It is a symptom found in many illnesses and diseases and is not a disease in itself. As a frequent, persistent symptom, it is most commonly met with in people about middle age or just past middle age. Irrespective of the causative factors, nothing relieves this distressing complaint as quickly as the daily or almost daily use of the antisepticizing treatments.

Dizziness is a danger signal in middle aged people or in people past middle age. If allowed to remain, almost invariably, sooner or later, this complaint is followed by some serious illness. The connection between the preceding complaint of dizziness and the succeeding illness is seldom remembered and therefore rarely comprehended, but nevertheless, the connection is direct in that in most cases they were both due to the harmful effects on the individual of a common foundation of disease which caused whatever illness the patient was subsequently taken with. How easy it would have been to remove the common foundation of disease when the complaint of dizziness gave us the first hint of its presence and thus have prevented the succeeding and inevitable illness which invariably follows with serious consequences.

Dizziness due to disease of the sinuses, inflammation of the sinuses, is easily and quickly relievable by the use of the antisepticizing treatments. The same is true of dizziness due to inflammation of the middle ears. Dizziness due to inflammation of the internal ears is a rarer form of dizziness, and more serious in its nature, but it also can be relieved nicely and readily by the antisepticizing treatments if attended to at once.

Dizziness due to an upset stomach resulting from bad food is readily curable by a purgative and the antisepticizing treatments. We should be constantly on our guard against the ingestion of harmful or bad food; even highly injurious or extremely bad foods may produce only mild dizziness. The writer has known cases suffering from deliberate food poisoning to suffer with only mild dizziness, though all the other accompanying symptoms were extremely serious.

Convincing proof that the person’s common foundation of disease (the oxygen deficiency nasal sinus infection entity), is the principal cause for most illnesses is remarkably well brought out in this complaint of dizziness. Undoubtedly most cases of dizziness are mostly due to the deficient oxygen intake and nasal sinus saturation of the deliberate nervous mechanism controlling the eye muscles and the mechanism of the internal ears and also the tissues of those structures of the brain which control balance and equilibrium. Restoring proper oxygen supply to all these structures and removing the toxin and germ poison and other bodily poison saturation from these structures, quickly relieves the dizziness.

The antisepticizing treatments, the dietary principles and if necessary, some of the other means of this system, are a specific for the common forms of dizziness and likewise for the causes giving rise to the dizziness. There are extremely few types of dizziness which do not yield readily to the antisepticizing treatments and proper diet alone.

Illustrative case: Elderly lady, complained of numerous symptoms, such as the presence of marked dizziness, especially in the mornings; this dizziness was more or less present all day. The patient had a bad cough, associated with attacks of strangling; she was generally weak and exhausted and slept poorly. She also had a sudden onset of falling of the bladder (prolapse) associated with profuse discharge. Under the daily use of the antisepticizing treatments and antiseptics for personal hygiene, all her complaints rapidly disappeared. The dizziness was completely relieved after the fourth nasal antisepticizing treatment. She was enabled to sleep well, became stronger, no longer discouraged and despondent, but was greatly encouraged and made generally happy ; also there was decided improvement in eye sight and hearing which pleased her highly. The antisepticizing treatments have the most remarkable energizing effect on the individual. The writer does not know of any other means whereby such patients can be so quickly and nicely energized.

Illustrative case: Elderly gentleman was having repeated attacks of dizziness, blood pressure steadily rising, growing weaker, irritable, sickly and slept poorly. Nasal antisepticizing treatments were strongly advised and urged, but steadily refused by the patient. Patient was led to believe all complaints came from stomach and intestinal fermentation. In a short time patient was suddenly taken seriously ill. Illness was ultimately proven to be due to a diseased nasal sinus full of pus which broke into the head and caused septic meningitis (brain fever), killing the patient quickly.