Blotchy, weepy, red, itchy and pustular skins are but greater and longer food deficiencies; usually in people a little bit older. The same lack of tart foods and vegetables is the original cause. Of course alcoholic drinks, with some people, may be a factor in furthering such a skin condition. Alcohol will turn the nose red, but it takes the gorging of carbohydrate foods to break open the skin.

The above skin conditions are due, not only to a fruit and vegetable deficiency, but to a vitamin deficiency as well. That is why large doses of thiamin chloride helps out with a big-head hangover; also, why abscorbic acid helps mend the little broken capillaries and aids in preventing pimples. Plenty of vegetables, green leafs, tart fruits, dairy products and meats usually restores a clear skin to these victims. Perhaps your physician will help you by prescribing a high potency thiamin chloride, riboflavin and abscorbic acid compound. Ask him.

Perhaps, you had best follow Bill Jone’s example and change your manner of eating if you have skin trouble. Every year, about March, Bill’s hands broke out with a weepy, itchy, inflamed skin. Also, every year Bill spent from fifty to two hundred dollars doctoring his hands, and using every thing anyone suggested to him. Nothing did very much good. Bill just suffered it out, and along in the fall his skin would get better; he knew not why.

Finally, a good physician told Bill to live exclusively upon leafs, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, and a small amount of meat. Bill’s hands cleared up in a very short time.

After this experience, it dawned upon Bill that it was what he had not been eating which caused his skin trouble. The result of accumulated deficiencies struck him every spring about the same time. Bill now spends his hard earned money buying some extra fruit and vegetables during the winter months, and eats everything.

On the other hand, dry scale eczema, scaly dandruff, and hard broken nails belong to another group of diet deficiencies. Here, the deficiency is not only tart foods but fat foods; greases, nuts, oils and dressings of the same.

Some victims of the above skin afflictions do not eat fat for fear of getting fat; others simply because they do not like fat. People who do not like fat should eat some even though they must cover it with catsup or chili sauce; never with bread, or with other starches.

Ladies who do not eat fat may run into dry skin troubles and hard broken nails. If you do, have your physician prescribe the vitamins F and A. He may also prescribe a good cutifacient to remove the scaly skin and soothe the roughened skin, if you have that trouble. Then, you could quit being funny, and really eat enough variety of foods to supply your body needs. The skin must be fed, too, you know.

Pimples, eczema, and loathesome skin diseases are definite aggravations which hang on for long periods of time, and return at the invitation of the individual. Yes, they return after apparent cure, because you make them return by not eating the right kind of food.