Exercise (passive)

THOSE whose heart, weight, fallen arches or low vitality preclude the taking of active exercise such as walking, tennis and horseback riding are com pelled to resort to passive exercise.

Ring Roller Reducing

This is a passive exercise which consists of a mechanical massage induced by the up-and-down movement of a spring coil encircling the body. If desired the coil can be tightened and the movement speeded up. The treatment may be taken in either a standing or sitting position. Because of the price of the machine and its need of skilled supervision it is unsuitable for general use. But it is particularly adopted to institutional or office use. Grandiose claims have been made in praise of its special merits for weight reduction. Unquestionably it does accomplish much good in certain types of obesity. One special function of the machine is to remove localized fat such as is deposited on the hips, buttocks, shoulders, arms and legs. The action of the machine is such that these fatty deposits are softened and increased blood supply induced which results in a heightened tissue oxidation in the fat affected area.

If properly taken and tempered in time and degree to the individual requirements of a given patient, it is not an unpleasant treatment. One or two scattered treatments, however, will avail little or nothing. To be effective they must be given as a course, three or more times a week until the desired reduction has been secured.

The treatments should be taken only on the ad-vice and under the specifications of a physician. It should be regarded too not as a primary but merely as an accessory treatment and taken along with rational diet and other treatment prescribed by the attending physician. If so used the treatment may succeed where other methods have failed. I have personally seen a patient lose some thirty pounds in weight where this method had been added to an otherwise ineffective regimen.

Patients with weak hearts, varicose veins, arthritis and abdominal sensitiveness must be most cautious with the ring roller if they use it at all.

Mechanical Vibrators or Oscillators

Every year seems to have its new obesity cure. In this mechanical age it is not to be wondered at that mechanical cures come to the forefront. High tensioned advertising copy and high powered salesmanship about the merits of some medium priced home treatment is sure to have its followers. In time there may be a market for second hand reducing machines and an advertisement may read “Liberal allowances made on your old reduciform in the purchase of the new 1935 model.”

The vibrator now holds the obesity-exercise stage. Manufacturers are vaunting the merits of their models as vociferously as automobile sales-men. But don’t be fooled. Although the vibrator has its merits as passive exercise in certain physical conditions, its use in obesity has very limited application. For pendulous hips, protuberant abdomens and bulging shoulders it may be of service by softening the fat and improving the circulation in them, thereby increasing their absorption. But to depend upon vibratory massage alone is missing the real point of the reducing problem.