Exercises For Various Parts-wrist, Hip, Knee, Ankle

Exercises for the hand and wrist after injury, in order to restore normal function are as follows:

1. Wring out a wet towel. Start with a hand towel and work up to a double thickness of bath towel.

2. Pick up a soft rubber ball, squeezing it and letting it go, alternately, 20 or 30 times.

3. With the hand hanging at the side, carry a book between the thumb and the fingers.

4. Make a fist with the fingers and thumb and open fully. Do this over and over again. Do it against resistance offered by the other hand.

5. Sitting at a table with the forearm resting on the little finger side of the hand, touch the tip of the thumb to the tip and the base of each finger, making a circle.

6. Sitting with the hand resting on the table palm down, spread the fingers. Do it against resistance by grasping the fingers with the other hand.

7. Sitting with the hand resting on the table palm down, move the hand toward the thumb and then toward the little finger, making resistance in each direction with the other hand.

Exercises for the hip after injury or disease:

1. Stand and hold on to a chair for support, and swing the leg loosely from the hip.

2. Sitting with the body erect and the knees straight, reach forward and touch the toes.

3. Lying on the back with the knees straight, raise both legs to an angle of 90 degrees and move them forward and back alternately.

Note: Elderly patients who have broken their hips should not attempt any of these exercises except under doctor’s orders. Exercises of the knee joint:

1. Move the knee cap without moving the knee by contracting the muscles of the leg.

2. Lying on your face with the knee bent, the foot supported by the manipulator, straighten the leg out.

3. Lying on the side, straighten the knee and bend it alternately.

4. Sitting on the edge of the table with the legs hanging, swing them back and forth against resistance and without resistance.

5. Bicycle riding, kneeling, sitting back on the heels as much as possible.

Exercises for the ankle and foot:

1. Sitting with the knees crossed, the foot slightly turned in, pull the foot up. Curl the toes under, pulling hard. With the toes curled under, pull the foot up and in and up.

2. Put a board down on the floor and put the foot on it with the toes hanging over the edge. Curl them over; try to touch the floor with the toes.

3. Pick up marbles with the toes of the foot and put them in the opposite hand.

4. Spread a towel on the floor and pick it up with your toes. Rules for foot hygiene:

1. ‘When one sits, always cross the ankles, resting the feet on their outer borders.

2. When standing, always keep the feet parallel and the weight of the body equally on the two feet.

3. Walk correctly, the toes turned slightly inward at all times. This is as important as periods of exercise.