Female Diseases

Persistent leucorrheal discharges, which are otherwise stubborn and difficult of relief, will be greatly aided and often complete relief made possible only by correcting the patient’s common foundation of disease. Frequently most leucorrheal and vaginal discharges will be relieved and finally cured by merely correcting the patient’s common foundation of disease. The same statements are true of gonorrheal infections. As in the male, the relief and speedy cure of gonorrheal infections are made possible and greatly facilitated by the constant, energetic use of the nasal antisepticizing treatments. In many cases, particularly the serious and extensive cases of gonorrheal infections, it will be found that only with the use of the nasal antisepticizing treatments can the disease be controlled and ultimately cured.

Amenorrhea, or the absence of menstrual periods, will frequently be found to be correctable by this same process of correcting the patient’s common foundation of disease. The same facts hold true for delayed, irregular or premature menstrual periods. These disturbances are usually functional not due to tumors or other gross organic or mechanical causes. When these bleedings or hemorrhages are due to tumors, surgery must be resorted to.

Falling of the female organs, prolapse, falling of the womb, can easily be prevented and much done towards correcting this trouble by common foundationing the patient. This distressing condition is merely a relaxation of the supporting and sustaining ligaments and structures, which hold the female organs in place. Displacement and falling of these organs was brought about by the constant injurious effect of the common foundation of disease on the sustaining supports and ligaments of these organs. In time, under the more or less constant injurious saturating effect of the toxins from the common foundation of disease, these retaining and supporting structures give way and elongate, resulting in a displacement and falling of the organs.

In most cases, to obtain a cure, all that is necessary will be the correction of the common foundation of disease and strict adherence to the other principles of this system. Under these means, the supporting ligaments and structures will gradually become taut and strong, resulting in a firm support for these organs and thus the prolapse of the various abdominal organs will be cured.

Particularly when these means are used in the early stages of falling of the womb, will it be possible to correct many of these cases and avoid the life-endangering major operations on these women by the use of these methods and means combined with some of the simpler, non-operative measures of gynecology. In all cases wherein there are marked physical injuries and defects or where serious tears are present, these must be corrected surgically in order to make falling of the womb impossible.

Undoubtedly the more these methods and principles are used, the fewer will be the surgical operations necessary on all the abdominal organs, including all the female organs and all pelvic organs.

Tumors must be removed surgically. Cancer must be excised. What is equally as important to these patients is the correction of their common foundation of disease; this must be turned into a common foundation of good health. Undoubtedly as the common foundation of disease of most people is turned into a common foundation of good health at an early age and not permitted to go on with the individual into middle or old age, the occurrence of both benign and malignant tumors will become less and less common instead of more so.