Food And That Hundred Years

Out of the maze of mystery comes light. Science has taken apart, or has constructed, mysterious things until this age places us near the pinnacle of knowledge concerning mechanics and art. How-ever, the mystery of man attaining the age of one hundred years, still exists. Why should it?

Most animals live five to seven times their maturity age, but man has a hard time reaching to three or four times his maturity. There must be a reason.

If man lived the age extension of the rest of the animal world, there would be little surprise in reading obituary notices containing long lists of deaths at one hundred to one hundred and forty years of age. Yet, ninety to one hundred years of age will get you into newspaper headlines. Over one hundred years of age will carry your name to fame around the world.

Scientific men read reports of aged people with as much wonder and admiration as the most unlearned layman. It is beyond their ken. Heredity does it, they surmise. If so, how did the family ancestor get that way in the first place? Too deep, eh?

The octogenarian may explain his age by the fact that he never took a “chaw” of tobacco in his life! that he never touched a drop of liquor; that he always took eight hours of rest every day. On the other hand, the man of ninety-three will tell you he has used tobacco since the age of ten ; that he has taken a little nip every day since the age of twenty; and that he always was a heller for running around when he was young. Doesn’t make sense, does it? That is right. It does not make sense for a man of bad habits to outlive a man, with good habits, by more than a decade. You should ask yourself why.

The. Bible says: “If by reason of good living,” you reach three score and ten. Too many people consider those words a moral teaching only, but they have a physical meaning which is more important for long life.

You can not wear out the cells of your body without replacement. Neither can you replace one automobile part with that which belongs to another car. You should have all kinds of spare parts on hand and let your body mechanic select what is needed. When you eat all varieties of food, you supply all the parts your body needs.

Must we carry the comparison farther and point out what each of you know to be an established fact: Many an “old soak” lives to a greater age than the busy executive who is a teetotler. Hard work, even brain work, never yet killed off any business man in his forties or fifties. Too many hard workers and hard thinkers have lived to a full four score and more.

It is reported that a well known business magnate had stomach trouble most of his years into the fifties, but a change in his eating habits carried him through into the nineties. When you think, don’t you think the right foods have something to do with longevity?

It is a fact: Healthy people are what they eat. However, the unhealthy people are what they DO NOT EAT. We make this statement for your verification: Every man who has lived to eighty years or more, can not name three types of food which he does not like, or will not eat.

There is no better way of proving our contention than to detail the life and health of the Brock family, every member of which the writer knows well. The immediate members of the elder Brock family are seventy-nine, eighty-two, eighty-eight and ninety years of age. They are all looking forward to enjoying more years of life.

“Dad” Brock has attained the age of ninety and moves with an activity which points to a century. He has lived a varied and a temperate life. He uses tobacco and takes a drink once in a while. He eats anything and everything. His only view upon the manner of eating is not to overload.

As with all famiies, food selection becomes either a good or a bad habit. Typically, the Brock family provide the staple foods, and the table carries these plus one or two garden vegetables and a dessert. The dessert is nearly always a fruit. Pies are not served often, and fancy combinations only to break a too great monotony of meals. “Dad” Brock’s breakfast is routine; wheat cereal, with egg and milk, toast and coffee.

“Dad” Brock’s health has been excellent. He is never bothered with so-called stomach trouble, rarely takes a laxative, and seldom has a cold. Since becoming inactive, he says he feels his bones more than he used to. All in all, a grand life due to moderation and variety in both, eating and activity.

It would be nice to carry on the next generation of Brooks to an equal number of years without physical defect. However, marriage brings in other families who have different ideas in food selection. Should the new member of the Brock family select food the Brock way, the life of the new Brock division would have a primary chance to equal “Dad” Brock’s age. We shall detail what we know concerning the health of his children ; John, Fred, Henry, Albert, Nancy and Beth.

Before we enter into detail upon any physical defects of these Brock children, we wish you to remember that each one had been brought up to eat every kind of food. Their bodies were, there-fore, in condition to resist any food deficiencies for a long period of time. Naturally, food deficiency illnesses could not develop until they had grown older. That is why individual illness did not arrive until well past middle age.

John has had a series of digestive attacks, and a nervous debility for several years. This condition has been such that he has not been able to work, except sporadically for the last several years. He has aged to such an extent that an old acquaintance of former years mistook him for “Dad” Brock. For this he has been kidded, but it is a food tragedy. John Brock was never a fellow to rear around. He is not even a moderate drinker. There is no explanation except that John’s table does not carry the usual wide variety of Brock food. This fact is all the more apparent when it is known that John’s wife has long been bothered with an irritating, sometimes unsightly psoriasis of the head; a very definite evidence of the lack of tart foods and vegetables.

Were it not for taking up too much of your time, we would detail the physical condition of each member of “Dad” Brock’s family. Not to bore you, we swiftly strike the high points of their over half century existence in proof of the fact that food, alone, has caused the deviation in health of the various younger Brock generation.

Henry has had hundreds of attacks of a stomach condition. These over a period of years. He is now following our chemical eating chart and has not been attacked during the last two years.

Albert takes soda almost daily and burps his way through life.

Fred missed one of the recent family gatherings because he was in the hospital with pneumonia, and he has had various attacks of stomach ulcer for a period of years. He believes nerves caused this condition, and does not believe in our eating chart, although told by his brother, Henry, what benefit he had received. Funny? No. Tragic !

Nancy has had a strange numbing attack which caused her hands and face to feel funny. This was two years ago. Since then she has developed pyelitis. Nancy cooked to suit her husband, who died in his late forties due to appendicitis, a food deficiency disease.

Beth, still at home with “Dad” Brock, her eighty-eight year old Uncle, her eighty-two year old Aunt, is in her early fifties, but looks and acts fifteen years younger. She, with the older folks, keeps on eating that wide variety of well flavored, well cooked food. From the above data, you can form your conclusions whether or not a variety of food furnishes a good bid for good health.

The writer has eaten at the Brock home many times. To see these octogenerians put away food with real enjoyment is, of course, a delight to me. I feel that I know why they have reached their age. I do know there is no food which either of the members of this household will not eat.

The eighty-two year old sister, whom I am proud to call “Mom”, not only can put away a substantial meal, but can top that off with a before bed “Boston Cooler”. The way she smacks her lips over this delicacy; the way her eyes sparkle with satisfied pleasure, if you could see it, it would cause you to resolve to eat your way to that hundred years. All families could start a long lived line if their menus covered ALL foods. Fully seventy-five percent of all people could reach seventy-five years of age, if they would eat a wide variety of foods. IT IS WHAT YOU DO NOT EAT WHICH HURTS YOU.