Food Facts In Paragraph

1. This is the beginning of the age when every person may live to be one hundred years or more.

2. Science, in every branch, has accepted the fact that proper food is the great preventative of disease.

3. Train your taste to get food value and live longer.

4. Too many people know too few foods. How many know that Kale is our most valuable green vegetable?

5. When you eat from the entire field of foods, you cannot miss ANY food value.

6. Teach yourself ; then teach your child to eat every kind of food. Thereby you build and maintain health.

7. Your unseen enemy is unseen food.

8. Fruits and vegetables are not expensive luxuries; they are a health investment.

9. Science says that orange juice MUST have something beside Vitamin C, because it aids in the absorption of calcium. That is right; it furnishes digestive alkali.

10. You need fifteen grains of calcium a day. One quart of milk will supply it.

11. Without milk you cannot supply your calcium needs unless you have one, or more, of the following foods each day: kale, broccoli, beet tops, parsley, beans, or cheese.

12. The Chinese can not get enough dairy products for their calcium needs. That is why they eat all soft bones and crush and cook all other bones.

13. Your ancestors had to learn food values by the trial and error method. But science tells you what you can do today, if you WILL DO IT.

14. The spice of life is spice. Use them if you like them.

15. Rabbits know that carrots are A. food. Why don’t you? Grate ’em, don’t chunk ’em.

16. “Well Kept” may mean over-eating. Vigorous health means right eating.

17. Any person of eighty years or more will eat every kind of food that grows.

18. A death at sixty years of age means only a dozen of foods in all menus.

19. Science has stopped ninety percent of all acute disease. You, alone, can stop chronic disease by knowing how to eat.

20. Starch and grease are like cats and dogs; they do not get along.

21. All sour foods “turn turtle” inside you; that is how you make alkali.

22. Stop cutting acid down; build alkali up. You will feel better and live longer.

23. You can not balance meals, but you can balance digestion.

24. Ten aminos, ten vitamins, and ten minerals are essential to good health. How do you expect to get them all in just ten different kinds of food?