Food For The Sick – Milk Punch

Milk Punch, with Eggs, for Weak Patients.—If the patient is very weak, it is more strengthening to beat a fresh egg (in fact, none but freshly laid eggs should be used with the sick) thoroughly, and stir into the above punch before the spirit is added.

Remarks.—The white of a fresh egg beaten with 1 table-spoonful of white sugar, then a table-spoonful of best brandy added and again beaten, was fed to me by a Methodist clergyman—a special friend—in tea-spoonful doses, which sustained me 2 or 3 days, and, no doubt, saved my life, when even the consulting physician declared it would send the disease to the brain and soon destroy me. The occasion for its use arose from typhoid pneumonia of the right lung— the exhausting discharges from the bowels and the change of position necessary producing such sinking spells that life must have soon given out. The attending physician had determined to administer the brandy; but the consulting one