Foods, Their Uses In The Body

FOODs are substances which, when taken into the body, supply the necessary elements for promoting growth, repairing its broken-down tissue, and furnishing it with heat and power for muscular work. True foods contain the same elements as are found in the human body, and thus they are able to build and maintain the body structure.

Nutrition is the sum of those processes by which food material is assimilated and utilized by the body. When food contains the same chemical units as those found in the body, and is taken in normal amounts, the body substance is protected and built up; but it is burned as fuel when the food supply is insufficient. In other words, balanced nutrition means that the income is equal to the outgo.

Natural foods, just as they come from garden, field, and or-chard, furnish the elements best suited to the harmonious development and functioning of all the tissues and organs of the body, and when served in as simple and natural a condition as possible, supply material for both the building and the repair of its intricate machinery, endowing it with a disease-resisting vitality that is found in true food only.

For our every need, the Creator has made full and wise provision. He has given us foods suited to every requirement of the body. These requirements — speaking in a somewhat restricted sense — may be classed under three general heads, to which, in this brief study, we must confine our attention.

I. For Building and Repair Foods

a. Proteins

b. Mineral matters

2. For Heat and Energy Foods

a. Starches

b. Sugars

c. Fats

3. For Body-Regulating Substances

a. Water

b. Cellulose

c. Mineral matters

d. Vitamines