Four Methods Of Dietary Reduction

I Am presenting in the following pages five different methods of reducing by diet. Each method is different and each adapted to a different temperament and physical makeup. By temperament I mean mental and moral characteristics.

As stated before, diets must be individualized according to individual physical conditions. Tremendous harm results to the obese from following stereotyped diets. A dietary regimen should never be undertaken without first knowing the body’s deficiencies, limitations, and requirements.

The menus and general food lists suggested in this book for reducing are for obese people with-out kidney, heart or arterial complications and whose stomach and intestinal tract are free of ulcerations or inflammatory conditions. Patients with these or other symptoms of deranged bodily functions should, obviously, be under the care of a physician who will individualize their reducing diets to meet special physical needs. And obviously the physician-should examine you in any case in order to see whether you have any complications. Even though he pronounces you normal, you should not proceed to reduce on your own momentum without medical censorship or encouragement.

But the diet must suit your peculiar temperament and we all have temperaments that are peculiar in one way or another. If the diet doesn’t fit your particular mental strength or moral weakness, you are not likely to carry it through faith-fully. Therefore I outline these five dietary methods. They are:

1. Diet by menu. For those who feel the need of exact guidance three times a day and who are willing and able to follow it faithfully and to get their cooks to help them.

2. Fractional eating. For the person who can’t be bothered with details and who has great strength of character. Trying this diet is a good way, of proving that you really have strength of character.

3. Mono-food diet. For the person who wants a greatly simplified procedure and doesn’t set too great store by the delights of the table, being willing to eat only one type of food at a meal, or one food meal after meal.

4. Radical reduction. This is the heroic method by starvation, elimination and rest, adapted to those who can’t be handled any other way and who have conditions that demand drastic treatment.