It is one of God’s blessing to man, delicious, appetizing, it stimulates the flow of gastric juices. Grateful to the parched throats of the sick; eagerly eaten by children it has, unknown to themselves, saved the lives of many people whose bodies were otherwise mineral starved.

With the minerals removed from our grains and the waste of the soluble mineral salts in cooking our vegetables, fruits have indeed been a God-send; for fruits are mineral laden to the last degree and also contain in abundance the water soluble vitamins B and C.

Cultivate your taste for fruits of all kinds Increase the demand and thereby encourage the fruit farmer, which will increase the supply and thus fruits will be cheaper. Let us all help to get these precious life savers within the reach of the poor.

Eat fresh fruits and fresh fruits in season at any or every meal and between meals. Their value has been much underestimated. Give them to the children instead of candy. Serve them in salads and cocktails. Serve the latter without sugar. Sugar is not an appetizer.

Serve fresh fruit always without sugar this means grapefruit, oranges, et. All fruit contains its own natural sugar in sufficient quantities. If it is not good enough to eat in its natural state—let it alone. Why should you need sugar on sliced oranges at the table you relish the whole fruit without sugar between meals—(Habit). Sugar does not mix with fruit acids and very often sets up a fermentation in the stomach. Teach the children to enjoy their fruit without sugar. They will like it just as well provided the sweetened habit is never formed.

It is the sugar and starches (white bread, cake, etc.),eaten with fruit which sometimes cause intestinal disturbance. It is very rarely the fruit.

A tablespoonful of lemon juice in a glass of cold water on a hot summer day is refreshing and will quench your thirst. (Sweetened lemonade will not.)

Cooked fruits are not so good as raw fruits. Cooking destroys some of the natural ferments and vitamins.

Some people have the false idea that fruit is acid and therefore must not be eaten with milk or in certain illnesses. This is not true. Fruit acids are immediately changed in the stomach and converted into their alkaline salts, thus forming the bases for neutralizing the acids of your body. Eaten raw and without sugar there is no better food for an acidosis patient.

Raisins contain more iron than any other article of food. Use them in every available way. Soaked overnight and boiled for a few minutes in the morning they are an excellent breakfast fruit.

Give raisins and dates to the children instead of candy.

Sun-dried fruits of all kinds are excellent. The pale (beautiful looking) dried peaches and apricots are dried with sulphurous acid (poison). Select the dark ones. They are cheaper and better.

Ask for sun dried fruits.