Gall Stones And Obesity

FAIR, fat, and forty plus vague stomach symptoms spells gall stones, according to a traditional opinion.

There is no question that obesity combined with a sedentary occupation predisposes to gall stones. Gall stones are common among cooks. There is evidence pointing to the fact that overstoking the hdy furnace with food throws the delicate chemical reactions of the body out of balance thus causing a disposition of cholesterol, calcium or phosphates in the gall bladder.

Usually gall stones follow infections of the gall bladder. It has been noted that people who have had typhoid are more prone to gall stones than others. Typhoid germs have been cultivated from the inside of gall stones. Certainly obese persons with gall stones should reduce their weight to check the further enlargement of the stones, and to diminish the risk of the surgical operation which may become necessary.