General Diet

The diet should consist of the simplest and freshest of foods. As much as possible, only sterile or freshly sterilized foods should be eaten. The inside of a fresh egg whether raw or cooked, is sterile ; this is equally true of the inside of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Checked by the above mentioned rules, generally speaking, the diet should consist of plenty of water; pure milk, freshly boiled, taken either warm or cold; toasted bread or toasted rolls ; fresh butter ; the best of eggs; fresh fruits and vegetables, boiled, stewed or raw. Meats should be taken very sparingly if at all; freshly killed, healthy chicken or light meats should be given preference; meat lovers should frequently stop eating meats for longer or shorter periods ; no meats during hot weather. There are no objections to eating meats only insofar as it is so difficult to obtain absolutely fresh meats from perfectly sound stock. Strictly fresh fish may be eaten if agreeable to the person, as determined by the rules of sleep and bodily well-being of this system. These rules are an accurate check on the purity of all such foods eaten. The same facts hold true of all sea foods ; we can only gauge their edibility in each individual case by these checks. Neither soups, bouillon or broths are considered advisable; they are extremely difficult to obtain from pure, uncontaminated stock; again only the freshest and purest of meats or fowls must go into their preparation. A light vegetable soup of fresh vegetables is preferable. The shaking test is a reliable test for the quality or freshness of an egg. Before the egg is opened, it is shaken while held tightly in the hand. If the egg is loose, it is not fresh and should not be eaten or used for cooking purposes. Only hard shakers should be eaten.

All foods listed in this paragraph must be checked in each individual case by the above mentioned three food rules. Any foods not agreeable to the person as judged by the three food rules, must be eliminated from the diet list.

Other articles of diet should be added to the above very gradually and more or less as an experiment on each person individually to determine whether or not that particular article of diet is agreeable to the patient or person as determined by the three food rules given. If the individual sleeps well, undisturbed, practically dreamless, then that addition to the diet was satisfactory, otherwise it should be omitted from the diet.

In the diet of the well person, small portions of meat may be taken occasionally, again depending on the ability of the person to sleep undisturbed after eating such food, and if the other rules of bad food do not show this food to have been harmful. These same facts are true of bacon, of all forms of cheese and crackers, of noodles, farinaceous foods, nuts, cakes, pastry, puddings, ice cream, candies, jellies and all other foods and drinks. Any of these foods should be taken sparingly at first and discontinued at once, at least for the time being if sleep is disturbed or any of the other rules of pure food are broken.

Diabetics should be given little bread and much less of other carbohydrates, though with common foundationing and the recent additions to the diabetic treatment, we may allow these patients a more liberal diet.

It is surprising and generally unknown how many of our most common food articles have more or less food poison in them; such food articles are not safe or true foods. Some foods decompose more quickly and easily than others. Only fresh, true foods are free of this food decomposition poison. All fresh foods are not free of food poisons; for instance, all mushrooms contain at least a minute quantity of poison; certain fish contain minute quantities ; live stock or fowls, even freshly killed, which were sick just previous to slaughter, also contain minute poisonous ingredients; such foods are not true foods. Nearly all refrigerated foods which have been thus preserved for any length of time, have more or less harmful decomposition products in them. It can readily be seen how limited and narrow our choice of foods must be. The simpler and fresher the food, the less likelihood is there of eating foods with decomposition products. Strictly fresh, recently boiled milk heads the list in selecting decomposition-poison-free foods. Strictly fresh eggs are next.

Only too frequently, excuses or inaccurate explanations are offered for the common experience of being upset by food or the frequent presence of an upset stomach. Such deceptive explanations as allergies, absence of vitamins, idiosyncrasies, etc., are offered as the explanation for the harmful effect of foods when the real and true explanation is the simple fact that the food contained food poison. What is bad for one person is bad for another ; we are all more or less alike.

And the reverse of this is equally true. Almost invariably bizarre and peculiar explanations are offered for the upset, disturbed condition of many people. They do not realize their disturbed feelings, poor sleep,etc., are due to the eating of foods which did the harm. The idea that bad food did it never enters their minds. The answer again is : How simple the true explanation if one knows the facts.

Foods are easily and quickly turned to poison by the fermentation of germs in the food, and by the simple chemical changes of the complex nature of all foods, even without the aid of germs.

The old saying that many a man digs his grave with his teeth, is not sufficiently explicit. It is not the over-eating or eating the many kinds of food which injures; it is again the frequent eating of food containing that harmful ingredient decomposition products.

And so we can go on and convincingly prove that bad foods exert a most profound influence in the causation of most of our illnesses by the simple expedient of assisting materially in disturbing our common foundation of good health to be found within the nose, and turning it into a common foundation of disease which gives rise to most of our illnesses.