Good Health – Conclusion

“One inquires what is to be done about it all? What a tremendous amount of reorganization we will have to go through. It will all have to go back to the colleges for proper and careful lucid teaching to the student body. This is absolutely necessary for the good and welfare of the race and human family. I can already visualize each and every community and town and city having one or more special institutions exclusively devoted to the correction of this common foundation of disease these places maintained and run by the public.”

It will quickly become evident that if the propositions presented in this book are true, then it will be only a matter of time before the state will take over the responsibility of common foundationing its members. The far reaching importance of such facts will make this imperative. The state is inseparably interested in the good health of its citizens. If a sensible proposition for preventing most all diseases and maintaining permanent good health can be had, it will quickly be grasped by all. The conferring of permanent good health on most individuals is a valuable asset and vital necessity. Comparatively the cost of common foundationing is by far cheaper than the present inefficient systems of prevention, alleviation and the small percentage of cures which are entirely too often only temporary. Common foundationing at first may appear expensive, but when compared to the tremendous cost of other medical relief often frequently repeated, the actual cost is small.

This work will enable us to claim and grasp the heritage we are rightfully entitled to–our full measure of happiness which is dependent in the final analysis principally on one factor lasting good health for our-selves and our loved ones.