Heart Troubles

Heart Troubles

( Originally Published 1929 )

THE heart is the essential pumping plant of the human system. If fat envelops it, the function of the heart is disturbed and cardiac dilatation or other complications may ensue.

Arteriosclerosis, angina pectoris and myocarditis lurk above the obese like angels of ill-will and sooner or later will overtly attack the over-weight individual. There is proof enough for this assertion in the fact that a large percentage of fat people die of apoplexy.

Another vicious circle! those with chronic heart trouble often take on extra fat, because they are forced to cut down their exercise and don’t cut down their diet.

Drastic weight reduction is unwise for those whose hearts are overburdened. The gradual loss of about a pound a week is advisable, and this should be accomplished by a diet limited to foods of low caloric value, and with a limited amount of light exercise.