Latent Or Silent Sinusitis Or Unrecognized Sinusitis

Many sick people have never complained of any sinus, nose or throat trouble, and to their knowledge they have never had any diseases of the nose, throat or sinuses. Many of these patients may even state that as far as they know, they never had any symptoms, signs or complaints referable to the nose. Many of these people will say that to the best of their knowledge, they have always been able to breathe well, and have never had any pains in, or other trouble with their sinuses, or any other parts of their noses. If such a patient, while suffering with a serious illness, is given the antisepticizing treatments, the patient and physician will be greatly surprised to observe the numerous and distinct signs of disease of the sinuses which will be brought out by the antisepticizing treatments. Immediately after the antisepticizing treatments, a great deal of discharge will come away from the nose; after another treatment or two, the discharge will be mixed with blood, mucus and pus. The mucous membrane of the interior of the nose, especially that covering the nasal septum and the turbinate bodies, will be intensely red and congested and found covered with a fine fibrinous deposit, a pseudo-membrane. In a few days following energetic treatment, the nasal discharge will clear up, the nasal fossae mucous membrane will become pink, and the diseased state of the nasal interior will heal up nicely. The rule is that the sicker the patient, or the more serious the disease, the greater will be the reaction produced inside the nose by the antisepticizing treatments and the greater will the discharge be, which will consist of a bloody, pussy mucous mixture.

Thus, it is evident that all ‘seriously sick people have present a latent diseased state of the entire nasal mechanism and in most cases this is unbeknown to the patients themselves. The fact .that this unknown sinusitis exists in all these people can quickly be brought out and proven to be true by the antisepticizing treatments. These very sick people will be made to feel better by each antisepticizing treatment right from the start, in spite of the marked nasal reaction following the first few treatments.

The complaint of dryness of the nose which is occasionally mentioned by a patient receiving the antisepticizing treatments, or by people to whom no treatments have been administered, is due to a recent infection of the nose. This can be proven to be a fact by administering the antisepticizing treatments and observing how quickly the complaint of dryness disappears.

In the “Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Monthly” running serially during the months of August, September, October and November 1931, the writer published a treatise on the more accurate cure of sinusitis which was termed “Sinusitis : Definite Non-Destructive Methods of Prevention and Cure, and for Re-establishing Full Oxygen Intake.” Means and methods for the prevention, relief and cure of sinusitis as are presented here were described in this article. Some changes have been made since this article has been published, but they also were mostly a matter of still greater simplification. Highly favorable comments from quite a number of doctors from all sections of the country were received. A few of these letters are presented in another section of this book.