Local Reductions In Obesity


LOCAL deposits of fat triple chins, pendulous breasts, protuberant hips, conspicuous napes, epaulettes of shoulder fat, oleaginous wings, cylindrical ankles and squabby thighs are among the fatty deformities which bring dismay to womanhood and repel the opposite sex. One or more of these deformities in a figure otherwise perfect is deplorable.

Drastic and rapid weight reduction usually accentuates these masses. But the scientific approach to such problems of pulchritude has made it possible in many cases to eradicate them without affecting health or injuring the figure otherwise. If those afflicted with these encumbrances have sufficient therapeutic patience and economic credit there is every reason to hope that a great improvement or cure is possible.

Skillful plastic surgeons can do wonders but the application of surgery has, a very limited sphere in such conditions. The skillful application of very specialized electricity in the hands of an expert who is first of all an authority in nutrition will accomplish a great deal in remolding the human form.


Diathermy can be used in conjunction with ionization, faradic stimulation and sinusoidal activity to soften and reduce the masses and still leave the skin tight and unwrinkled.

But don’t go to a “beauty shoppe” for such treatment! Consult the best physician you can find.