The prime object of this work is to enable most people to live to a ripe, old age with all their physical and mental faculties in good order. By the principles and means of this system, longevity can be made the rule and not the exception. After all is said and done, bereavement is the saddest thing we have to face. After parents have lived, struggled and worked hard to raise a family and have reached middle age or are somewhat past it and just when they may be in a position to relax and enjoy life, they are usually so broken in health by various diseases that this is impossible for them, and, as a rule, they do not live much past middle age. There is nothing nicer than middle aged, elderly or even old people, who are in good health, with comparatively good hearing, eye sight and in possession of all their mental and physical faculties. The often mentioned danger of overpopulation is ridiculous. This can easily be guarded against in an intelligent world. After all, no one wants to lose his own dear ones. The amount of heartaches that is caused by this untimely loss of parents and other dear ones is beyond conception.

We are all constantly struggling for a better regulated world. That this will ultimately be reached is true beyond a shadow of a doubt. Nothing will help more to attain this necessary state of affairs than a system of medicine which can fulfill the promises of prolonging life to a useful, happy old age. Just when people reach the most useful age, they usually are destroyed by illness.

Disease is unnecessary, that is, preventable. For instance, certain diseases or abnormalities are not necessarily a concomitant of old age, in spite of the generally accepted opinion that they are. Any individual advanced in age, who has a common foundation of good health and abides by the rules and principles of this system, need not worry about the multitude of diseases which ordinarily are so prone to attack old people.

Permanent good health and longevity should be synonymous.

This work offers the public a definite formula, possessing almost mathematical precision for reaching a ripe, hale and hearty old age by simple, inexpensive and practically positive means.

The use of the antisepticizing treatments in the aged is a god send. The continued use of the antisepticizing treatments enables these elderly patients to sleep soundly. They relieve insomnia, increase the appetite, strengthening and steadying the nerves in every way. In old people the antisepticizing treatments greatly reduce or even relieve the trembling and tremors which are so often present. These antisepticizing treatments do a world of good and make the patient feel tremendously better in every way, tone up, strengthen and have a quickening effect. They are the best general tonic the writer has had the good fortune to become acquainted with. They have an energizing effect on the person; they are the best rejuvenator the writer knows of ; the limbs become less stiff and more supple. An 85 year old patient, an exjudge, told the writer that the day after receiving an antisepticizing treatment, his mind was so alert that he was able to induce a Scotchman to sign a million dollar contract.

The continued adherence to the dietary principles of this system is absolutely necessary in order to obtain continued successful results.