Medicine For Permanent Good Health

THIS system of medicine is known as the common foundation system of medicine for the following reasons: The explanation of the origin of disease and the efforts to prevent, alleviate, or cure most sicknesses and diseases, are concerned chiefly with and are directed principally against a common source or location of the body. Definite proof is obtainable that most of our illnesses and diseases originate from a common source and have common causes.

Disease has built up a common foundation upon which most of our illnesses are erected. As will be proven, this common foundation of disease makes possible the existence of most of our illnesses. From this common source or foundation most of our diseases originate and from here they are disseminated throughout the body. This system of medicine starts with the premise that the vast majority of all the acute and chronic diseases which afflict the human race and these include all the common, ordinary, everyday diseases and sicknesses originate from a common source and are made possible by common causes ; and that their origin is based on a common basis or foundation which is to be found in one particular location of the body this is within the person’s nose. The original causes which have made sicknesses possible and are still doing so at this very moment, are not to be found scattered all over the body in different locations but principally in one place, within the person’s head. For these reasons this system of medicine is known as the common foundation system of medicine. Such a conception of the source or origin of disease is much simpler. At least we can place our finger on the original fount or source of disease. The generally entertained idea that the various causes which bring disease into existence are very complicated and numerous, and, therefore, difficulty of comprehension, is displaced by a much clearer, and by a far more direct and more easily understandable one.

Such a system explains logically just why we are subject to such a large variety of ailments, and why we are affected by sicknesses at all. Diseases will no longer be such an enigma, and the why and wherefore puzzled over without either the proper solution being determined or the correct means of controlling or curing them found.

And this brings us to the best proof of the correctness of this system. If this system is right, then, means should be presented for preventing, alleviating, or curing most of our ills. This desire is readily made a possibility by the principles and means of this’ system and is accomplished mostly by correcting each person’s common foundation of disease and thereby counteracting its evil influences. Most diseases can thus be prevented, or if present, either alleviated or cured in reasonable time. These means are known as the therapy of this system; they are of the simplest, and least harmful. They are definite means consisting, first, of a simple, highly efficient, easily administered and harmless antisepticizing treatment for the interior of the nose, throat, mouth and gums. Within a few minutes’ time, by means of the use of this treatment alone when properly used, we can prove in a large percentage of all sick and ailing people, that the claims made herein are correct. This antisepticizing treatment is the backbone of this system. Its use almost in variably proves with mathematical accuracy, the truth of the statements made.

The second means devised by this system are surgical procedures. When properly used in conjunction with the antisepticizing treatments, these surgical steps are nondestructive, simple, nondangerous and are easily executed. Their object is to so reconstruct the interior of the nose, without removing any of the necessary normal structures so that the nose will be in as highly normal a state as possible, or better still, as near perfection as possible. The two principal objects of the antisepticizing treatment and of the nasal reconstruction is, first, to enable the individual to inhale oxygen in the greatest possible amounts. Oxygen is the most important life-maintaining factor; it is the spark of life. We cannot live without it for a minute. The powers of resistance, the vitality of body are de-pendent on it more so than on any other factor. In the presence of a continuing heart beat, as long as we can maintain sufficient oxygen intake and sufficient oxygen absorption by the lungs, then the person can still be kept alive.

Upon proper oxygen intake depends the proper execution of the internal bodily processes ‘of oxidation, which are purely chemical changes constantly taking place in the blood stream and all the other tissues and structures of the body. If this is interfered with even to the slightest degree, immediately suboxidation of the body takes place, which is merely another name for the lowering of the body’s resistance and loss of its vitality.

The second principal object of the antisepticizing treatment and the nasal reconstruction work (or for so anxiously desiring perfect nasal oxygen intake) is to overcome and eliminate all infection of the body as a whole and particularly of the nasal sinuses. Again there are two vital reasons for this. First, most all infections of the entire body as a rule, are secondary to absorption from nasal sinus infection. And secondly, to remove all infection from close proximity to the vagus nerve as will be shown. The vagus nerve is the life nerve of the entire body. All the intimate or finer changes of most diseases, especially of a serious nature, are brought about by the harm the poisons or toxins in the nasal sinuses have on this nerve.

The common foundation system of medicine maintains that most bodily infections originate from the interior of the nose, and as a consequence, most diseases originate from the interior of the nose (nasal fossae), and the surrounding nasal sinuses. This is known as focal infection. This system is based on purely physical and chemical laws. In this system no excuses are allowed. The common explanations of disease such as heredity, nervousness, hysteria, neurasthenia, sexual perversions, etc., are not tolerated; these are merely excuses to cover our ignorance. Heredity is too often used as one of these excuses. Herein, most all diseases are explained on a direct basis ; or actual, definite, easily removable causes are given as the ex-planation for the origin and the continued existence of disease.

The results obtained by the therapy devised by this system are so remarkable and so accurate that undoubtedly in time this system will impress one as a quite rational approach to a panacea; and particularly is there a desire to establish a fool-proof system of medicine. The general principles and rules are so exact that there can be no misunderstanding. As a rule one knows within a short and safe time whether or not the work has been properly done. Relief must be definite and in short time, and above all must stay so, otherwise the work is poorly done. The general rule, from which there are few exceptions, is that if the reconstructive surgical results are satisfactory or as near perfect as possible, then, as a rule, the improvement in good health must be excellent and lasting, and the work has been well done or properly completed this is all providing sufficient antisepticizing treatments are given and their use is continued long enough and that the dietary rules of this system are scrupulously adhered to. If the therapeutic results are unsatisfactory, then the work is either incomplete or has been poorly done.

This system enables the physician to obtain much more exact results in the treatment of disease ; to go directly to the causes, and to help the sick and ailing quickly and without the waste of valuable time.

The Ideals and Hopes of this System

The ideals and hopes of this system of medicine are to prevent almost all diseases ; to rapidly cure most all diseases where present, or if impossible of complete cure, at least to alleviate them; to eliminate most of our crippling diseases ; to prevent the only too numerous sudden and untimely deaths ; to do away with the excuse of sickness which is used by only too many people to justify their weaknesses, inability, lack of ambition and lack of desire for work, and unsocial tendencies ; to reach that plane in human existence where most surgical operations will be made unnecessary and avoidable, and thus, serious, crippling, life-endangering operations of all parts of the body may become exceedingly rare necessities.